public house

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public house

1. Brit the formal name for pub
2. US and Canadian an inn, tavern, or small hotel
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1. A place which provides eating and drinking, but no lodging, for the public; a tavern.
2. A hotel.
3. A student hostel or residence.
4. A hospice.
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Middlesbrough then expanded to the south of the railway line and 92 public houses were opened between the years 1849-1899.
Public House is located on restaurant row in The Venetian on the Las Vegas Strip.
MORE public houses are calling time, a survey has revealed.
The study is at its best in the last two chapters, which place public houses into a more interpretive framework, first from the perspective of early modern observers and finally within the context of larger historical questions.
Route 805: The Herald Public House, Sir Henry Parkes Road, Canley, departs 1.30pm; Lime Tree Park Working Men's Club, Templar Avenue, Tile Hill South, 1.45pm; The Rainbow Inn, Birmingham Road, Allesley Village, 2pm; The Maudslay Public House, Allesley Old Road, Chapelfields, 2.15pm; Ricoh Arena, arrives 2.30pm.
The public house trade has been dying for some time now through heavy taxation on alcohol, then on July 1 2007 the smoking ban was the final nail in the coffin for the public house.
In Public Houses takes a novel look at one of colonial America's best known institutions, the tavern.

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