Public Law

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Public Law


in bourgeois legal theory, norms that establish the structure of state agencies and the manner in which they act and that also regulate relations between citizens and agencies of the state. Although bourgeois jurists assert that public law protects the interests of all members of society, they oppose public law to private law, the latter supposedly defending the interests of private individuals. The division of law into public and private is also based on a difference in the methods by which the interests of authorized persons are protected: in public law these interests are defended at the initiative of the state agency, regardless of the victim’s desire.

The division of law into public and private was first made by Roman jurists and later elaborated by bourgeois jurisprudence. This division reflects the antagonistic contradictions between the interests of society and those of the individual, contradictions generated by capitalist private ownership. The sphere of public law includes state, administrative, financial, criminal, and procedural law, that is, those branches of law whose purpose is to protect the interests of the bourgeois class as a whole. Socialist law is not divided into public and private.

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This page provides access to the full-text of public laws from the 104th Congress (1989-1990) to present.
The content of public law in Rome was determined by the close and intimate connection that existed in the ancient world between public law and religion.
One difference between public law disputes and private law disputes is that the government entity that purports to act on behalf of the victim-complainants in a public law matter will rarely if ever have complete access to its constituents' private information.
Under Public Law 87-715 in the 1960s, the Captioned Films/Videos for the Deaf program was expanded to include acquisition, adaptation, production, and distribution of captioned films, and the training of staff.
12]Public Law 88-365, The Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1964, Section 16, as amended by Public Law 100-117, 49 U.
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One of the results of the behavioralist revolution that has received little attention is the decline in public law analysis within political science.
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