public prosecutor

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public prosecutor

Law an official in charge of prosecuting important cases
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Public Prosecutor


the person who, in the name of the state, presses charges in court in criminal proceedings, In the USSR procurators and their deputies and assistants act as prosecutors. Pressing public charges is one of the means by which the procurator supervises strict observance of the laws.

The public prosecutor participates in the examination of evidence in court sessions, offers his conclusions on questions arising during trials, and makes an oral statement before the court, presenting his view on the conclusiveness of evidence, the application of criminal law, the degree of penalty, and other questions. An analysis of the causes and conditions that contributed to the perpetration of the crime and proposals on how to eliminate them are an essential part of the pleading of the public prosecutor. If the public prosecutor arrives at the conviction that the facts of the judicial inquest do not support the accusation against the defendant, it is his duty to withdraw the charges, explaining to the court the motives for the withdrawal. In these instances, the court is obliged to continue the examination of the case and decide the question of guilt on general considerations, based on the examined evidence and the arguments of all participants in the trial.

In foreign socialist countries the public accusation in court is also presented by a procurator. In bourgeois countries various officials function as public prosecutors authorized to carry out criminal prosecution. In the USA charges are presented before the Supreme Court in cases of exceptional importance by the attorney general, and before other federal courts charges are presented by a district attorney. In Great Britain the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution was founded in 1879 to bring charges in cases concerning the interest of the crown (the state). Other officials, including the police, may act as prosecutors. In France, according to the Code of Procedure of 1958, procurators affiliated with every criminal court bring public charges. In Switzerland, the Federal Republic of Germany, Belgium, Mexico, and Venezuela procurators who are attached either to the courts or to the ministries of justice function as public prosecutors.

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"The proposal that prosecutor Ruskovska should lead the Public Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime and High Corruption is not a decision to be taken by politicians.
For his part, associative activist, Mohsen Heni, calls on the public prosecutor to determine the responsibilities in the case of the "Koranic school" and to judge the instigators.
Her parents had earlier appealed to Kejriwal to appoint a special prosecutor in the case as no public prosecutor has reportedly appeared in court during the past few hearings.
A penal order can be issued by a public prosecutor for crimes classified as misdemeanours, in other words those punishable by a fine and/or a term of imprisonment not exceeding three years.
Public Prosecutor staff members can also remotely hear the testimonies through audio and video of relevant witnesses, suspects or experts.
Writer Atanas Vangelov explains in Sloboden pecat that in order to respond to the question: whether to change (or not) public prosecutor Zvrlevski, it means responding to that question--what and how this prosecutor operated things in the past?
The public prosecutor during the hearing has informed the court that licenses of mining and crushing have been cancelled in the province and ban has been imposed on the license of mining and crushing in Lora region.
Soma Banarjee had in her letter to The Law Department, requested the state to appoint a Special Public Prosecutor in this case along with a Crime Branch probe into the matter.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- ystanbul Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor Orhan Kapycy, who was responsible for the Terrorism and Organized Crime Bureau of the ystanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, has been replaced by prosecutor yrfan Fidan, who took part in several major government-initiated investigations in the last two years.
"These days, I see and I hear how Sekerinska and Silegov are trying to explain to the public that the special public prosecutor will oblige the Ministry of Internal Affairs to initiate investigation for the "bombs".
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 6, 2015-Nickel Mountain Group announces filing of criminal charges by public prosecutor against two former board members
A minor girl from North Paravur in Kerala, who was forced into sex trade by her parents, appears set for another heartbreak as reports emerged on Friday that the assistant public prosecutor handling the case allegedly attempted to sabotage it.

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