public school

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public school,

in the United States, a tax-supported elementary or high school open to anyone. In England the term was originally applied to grammar schools endowed for the use of the lay public; however, it has come to be used for the famous endowed preparatory schools that now charge tuition. The English public schools include Charterhouse, Cheltenham, Clifton, Eton, Harrow, Rugby, Westminster, and Winchester. See schoolschool,
term commonly referring to institutions of pre-college formal education. It also properly includes colleges, universities, and many types of special training establishments (see adult education; colleges and universities; community college; vocational education).
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See also V. Ogilvie, The English Public School (1957).

Public School


a private and privileged secondary school in Great Britain preserving aristocratic traditions. Most public schools are boarding schools. The most famous are the nine “great” aristocratic public schools: Winchester (founded 1387), Eton (1441), Shrewsbury (1551), Westminster (1566), Rugby (1567), Harrow (1571), St. Paul’s (16th century), Merchant Taylors School (16th century), and Charterhouse (1609).

public school

1. (in England and Wales) a private independent fee-paying secondary school
2. (in the US) any school that is part of a free local educational system
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If current interest in the issue indicates anything, the number of Bible courses in public schools is on the rise.
It's important for public schools to know that private schools have been advertising for a long time.
Though the idea is to improve the lives of public school children, the plan as it ramps up is also likely to provide New York City's population of dancers with a nice alternative to the standard part-time gigs of waiting tables or telemarketing.
And by doing so, we aren't only providing a quality public school for underserved youth in Tampa but building a tangible presence for Humanism in a community that was previously unaware of our philosophy but are now excited by our outlook and approach to education.
She also points out that no private school participating in a voucher program currently makes its test results public, which makes it difficult for parents who transfer their kids there to know if in fact, they're getting a better education there than in public schools.
For the sake of my children and all the other children in the public school system, I hope the leaders of the business community begin to figure this one out.
It's only through our public schools that we can make this a reality for all.
His books chronicle travels among poor, minority children, most of them African Americans in struggling public schools.
About 21,950 students identified as autistic were enrolled in the public school system during the 2003 to 2004 school year, according to the California Department of Education.
The National Assessment of Educational Progress conducted in 2003 found that charter school students had lower achievement than their public school counterparts "translat[ing] into about a half year of schooling?
When the National Assessment of Educational Progress testing results revealed last year that fourth graders in charter schools performed at lower levels than their public school peers in reading and math, charter school officials said the reason lies in that more economically disadvantaged students are in charter schools than public ones.

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