public school

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public school,

in the United States, a tax-supported elementary or high school open to anyone. In England the term was originally applied to grammar schools endowed for the use of the lay public; however, it has come to be used for the famous endowed preparatory schools that now charge tuition. The English public schools include Charterhouse, Cheltenham, Clifton, Eton, Harrow, Rugby, Westminster, and Winchester. See schoolschool,
term commonly referring to institutions of pre-college formal education. It also properly includes colleges, universities, and many types of special training establishments (see adult education; colleges and universities; community college; vocational education).
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See also V. Ogilvie, The English Public School (1957).

Public School


a private and privileged secondary school in Great Britain preserving aristocratic traditions. Most public schools are boarding schools. The most famous are the nine “great” aristocratic public schools: Winchester (founded 1387), Eton (1441), Shrewsbury (1551), Westminster (1566), Rugby (1567), Harrow (1571), St. Paul’s (16th century), Merchant Taylors School (16th century), and Charterhouse (1609).

public school

1. (in England and Wales) a private independent fee-paying secondary school
2. (in the US) any school that is part of a free local educational system
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Bible courses in public schools are legal--if they are taught from a nonsectarian perspective.
In rural Kansas, Udall Public Schools superintendent Roger Robinson was at first wary of spending money on an advertising program for schools but in the end was amazed by the results.
Finkelstein was hired in June 2004 to head up the creation of a standards-based, rigorous approach to teaching dance in the public schools that would allow students to delve deeply into the art form and study it sequentially, just as they do with other subjects like math or English.
By volunteering and donating funds to create an innovative public charter school, we are actively supporting the public schools.
Instead, they seemed to be saying that the public schools were doing an excellent job for other people's children.
And if he wins, private schools will take the pot and public schools will foot the bill.
Never mind that the body of empirical evidence suggests that choice helps not only the children who leave failing public schools but also those left behind.
She said her client base has grown as more children have been diagnosed with autism, but at the same time some of these parents have chosen to have their children treated in the public school system where costs don't come from their own pocketbooks.
With the Carl Sagan Academy having opened its doors the Humanist community should examine the public school system and determine if the values inherent in it are worth saving or if a system prized for uniting and educating diverse individuals should be cast aside in favor of charter schools that have been shown to produce poor academic results and stratified learning while creating a restrictive learning environment.
There is no evidence that charter students start at a worse place than public school students," says Martin Carnoy, a professor of education and economics at Stanford University and a co-author of the study.
Among the mainstream basic skills primers and educational toys on display, there are titles like The Christian Teaching of Mathematics and Biblical Economics in Comics--along with items that could send secular public school dissidents fleeing to the comfort of their local PTA meeting.

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