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PGP made it easy for the average computer jockey to use public-key cryptography to protect his or her electronic data and messages from snoops, be they government, criminal, or corporate.
In the spring of 1975, Diffie discovered public-key cryptography, which he and Hellman reduced to practice.
Poe's statement was true until public-key cryptography came along.
Kaliski's research has included public-key cryptography, efficient implementation of cryptographic algorithms, block cipher cryptanalysis, elliptic curve cryptography, user authentication, and privacy protection.
The AirGuard(TM) solution integrates digital certificates, public-key cryptography, certificate authorities, and Common Access Cards (CAP) into a total, enterprise-wide wireless security platform.
Their support for IPSec packet processing and public-key cryptography makes them well suited to VPN appliances and security servers.
Currently, Columbitech Wireless Suite supports a wide range of authentication methods, including Wireless PKI, Biometrics, RADIUS and the Public-Key Cryptography Standard (PKCS) #11 for smart card authentication, developed by RSA Security Inc.
DMOD's software takes advantage of TI's OMAP processor platform and NTRU's public-key cryptography to help content creators securely share digital media files across all types of networks including wireless and the public Internet.
Hongkong Post's Mobile e-Certs, which are built on Diversinet's advanced wireless PKI technology, ensure the confidence of banks and their customers in the encryption and authentication of parties involved in wireless transactions through public-key cryptography and digital signatures.
ASIC in the world for public-key cryptography operations
NetAuthority is a highly scalable, standards-based infrastructure incorporating public-key cryptography, certificates, digital signatures and encryption to enable a wide variety of applications including secure email and web browsing and virtual private networking.
Entrust's software products provide an infrastructure, meeting the exploding demand for public-key cryptography technology.

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