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The Mahindra 575 is a clear validation of this focus and offers the highest level of mechanisation for puddling operations ensuring higher productivity for farmers engaged in paddy cultivation.
The Mahindra 575 in the 45 HP category, is a tractor with full cage wheel suitable for deep puddling operations needed for paddy cultivation in Andhra Pradesh.
Puddling breaks down, smears, and disperses soil aggregates.
This paper describes a method to quantify puddling intensity and reports on the effect of puddling on soil dispersion and hydraulic conductivity/percolation rates as well as changes in soil physical properties during drying of the puddled layer.
The laboratory puddling apparatus used steel rods as puddling implements, attached to a disk driven by a controlled constant speed DC-motor (Fig.
The puddling ratio ranges from 0 for an unpuddled soil to infinity for a soil that was 'completely puddled'.
The puddling talents, on the other hand, don't produce the value, aren't stable and can be used only to make steel.
Soil puddling degrades soil structure and leads to reduced infiltration rates.
A potential strategy to minimise soil structural degradation in rice-based cropping systems is a reduction in soil puddling (So and Woodhead 1987).
A rice-mungbean crop rotation was simulated under controlled conditions to evaluate the impact of 2 different puddling intensities on the growth and yield of rice and mungbean on 3 different-textured soils.
Puddling treatments were applied on 9 and 10 August 1993 and rice seedlings transplanted 1 week later (16 August 1993).
2) Richard McCombs, owner of Oaks Drain Service in Thousand Oaks, suggests that homeowners with yards with low-lying areas subject to puddling buy a utility pump in preparation for El Nino's arrival.