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Also, Walker's body, which had endured dozens of fractures, was found in a "pugilistic stance" as if he were bracing for a collision.
The report said Walker was found "wearing remnants of a black T-shirt, a pair of black jeans and a pair of gray boxer briefs" and was "lying supine in the passenger seat." "The decedent was charred and in a pugilistic stance," it said, describing the posture of his body after the crash.
Some within the fight trade are saying he doesn't have enough pugilistic experience and that concern is fuelled by the fact the fight is being filmed for a TV documentary.
Turville's playing is melodic and lyrical, but also slightly pugilistic in its push.
Bare-knuckle boxing in the Big Easy is the hook to "Brawler," a pugilistic parable about brothers slugging their way through the marginalized, mobbed-up world of extreme fighting in New Orleans.
He overcame the challenge of his brother David and the pugilistic Ed Balls to lead a new era of modernity and fresh thinking.
Huge pugilistic glam rock punch the air stomper that'll even have grandma jumping around and follows on from their UK arena tour.
Its parliamentary debates are often pugilistic and personal.
While under the care of his clueless grandparents Orion rushes through martial arts and pugilistic preparations in anticipation of a quest to hunt down the evil demon Hades the one deemed responsible for killing everyone Orion loves.
ItCOs what some historians think made us so pugilistic, so creative and so inventive.
Lieberman's fact-filled, right-handed punches land solidly, entertainingly, time and again, but so pugilistic is the attack dog he forgets his alleged purpose: overcoming the education stalemate.
"There is plenty of pugilistic lore, but boxing is the setting, not the subject.