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Patrick Kalama, Kalro's crop expert, asked farmers to adopt push and pull technology to tackle fall armyworm pests invasion in their fields.
The riser is also designed with True Center Pull Technology, which positions the arrow at the center of the riser to increase performance and tunability.
But is it worth the effort of trying to pull technology developments out of academia directly into the harsh commercial world?
What we've got to do is plant the seed for change inside the schools and let that change pull technology in, as opposed to what has happened where technology has been put into a school and the school has had to work around it.
For its part, Mesuro demonstrated its active load pull technology at IMS.
5%, mainly as a result of its decision to pull technology products from its shelves.
3% in the period on an all-stores basis, due to the company's decision to pull technology products from its shelves.
Push technology is easier because a physician who sends results or other information to the HIE does it willingly by definition, whereas pull technology queries the HIE for information and raises complicated issues of data ownership and release.
Through its client pull technology, the software enables users to keep on top of security arrangements, track licensing and compliance and monitor internal software use.
You have to pull technology from a whole dew of environments and deliver capability to both the current force and the future force.
While others are likely to develop, the current state of technology allows a description of three important features: tools, push technology and pull technology.
The final role of the CRM deployment--where one-to-one marketing is put into play--is to facilitate the use of both push and pull technology to manage interactions with the payer's diverse group of constituents.

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