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see carpetcarpet
or rug,
thick fabric, usually woolen (but often synthetic), commonly used today as a floor covering. Carpet Types and Modern Manufactures
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1. a floor covering, smaller than a carpet and made of thick wool or of other material, such as an animal skin
2. Chiefly Brit a blanket, esp one used as a wrap or lap robe for travellers
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There are people who are on the last couple of thousand of putting the deposit together, and I wouldn't pull the rug out from under them, and I'll be asking the central bank to have a look at that.
But Nolan said: "He has a suspensory problem and we've just had to pull the rug on his season.
Income tax commissioner-turned politician Arvind Kejriwal could well pull the rug from under Congress Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit's feet, television reports have said.
Although the current growth signs are encouraging, investors need to guard against day traders and speculators who try to boost the market by injecting liquidity only to pull the rug from under the investors' feet -- taking their money.
Some other little ally, may go down and pull the rug
I've always been a fan of thrillers that twist and turn and pull the rug from under your feet.
She said the move could undermine Prime Minister David Cameron's Big Society project as many of the 160,000 organisations the Commission oversees provide key services for councils and rely on local authorities for funding Dame Suzi said up to pounds 5bn could be cut from charities which would "pull the rug" from under Mr Cameron's Big Society idea.
you need to maintain your support, don't pull the rug from under our feet at the very time that we can see recovery."
Tony Sarginson, from EEF North-east, said: "Failure to extend the scheme before a stronger recovery is in place could pull the rug from under the automotive sector."

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