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see carpetcarpet
or rug,
thick fabric, usually woolen (but often synthetic), commonly used today as a floor covering. Carpet Types and Modern Manufactures
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1. a floor covering, smaller than a carpet and made of thick wool or of other material, such as an animal skin
2. Chiefly Brit a blanket, esp one used as a wrap or lap robe for travellers
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State-level experiments like Engler's are destined to fail if the federal government pulls the rug out from under them by doing away with welfare entitlements.
The best of the funnies can teach us something important about being human by offering us a radically different frame of reference a prankish, funny perspective that pulls the rug out from under our most treasured assumptions and deflates our most sacred pretensions.
It pulls the rug out from under communities already seeking redress for the loss of their water supplies, while heaping subsidies on the creators of this pollutant.
At least it's not all going his way as his new partner Luke pulls the rug from under him at Underworld.

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