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Properly adjusted PEEP may have significant protective effects, whereas inadequate PEEP may promote pulmonary atelectasis and/or hyperinflation of dependent lung tissue.
440 Bronchofiberscopy for elderly patients with pulmonary atelectasis. Chinese Clinical Oncology 2002;7:1-3.
(b) CT pulmonary angiogram coronal view depicting large filling defects in the right and left main pulmonary arteries and bilateral lobar pulmonary arteries with bilateral lower lobe pulmonary atelectasis (see arrows).
Pulmonary atelectasis: a frequent alternative diagnosis in patients undergoing CT-PA for suspected pulmonary embolism.
Pulmonary atelectasis is characterized by a state of collapsed and nonaerated region of the lung parenchyma resulting from parenchymal compression (nonobstructive atelectasis) or bronchial obstruction (obstructive atelectasis).
(20,21) Murphy further specifies that the absence of this sign is characteristic of other pathological conditions such as pleural adhesions, selective bronchial intubation, consolidation, or pulmonary atelectasis. (22)
Pulmonary atelectasis is the most important cause of postoperative fever in the first 24 hours.
Pulmonary atelectasis is described as a state of a given region of lung parenchyma collapsed and nonaerated, associated with loss of lung volume and capacity, diagnosed from clinical and complementary tests (SCHINDLER, 2005).

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