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Normal Vascular Aging: Differential Effects on Wave Reflection and Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity The Anglo-Cardiff Collaborative Trial (ACCT).
Mobil-O-Graph ambulatory blood pressure monitor device, which automatically measure pulse wave velocity (PWV), central blood pressure (cBP), augmentation index (Aix), and central pulse pressure (cPP), was used to evaluate arterial stiffness.
With the advancement of sensor technology, piezoelectric sensors nowadays become sensitive enough to reveal the pulse wave morphological features.
Morris, "Peripheral arterial pulse wave analysis in women with pre-eclampsia and gestational hypertension," An International Journal of Obstetrics Gynaecology, vol.
To determine PWVao, the Arteriograph uses the physiological behaviour of the wave reflection; the ejected direct (first systolic) pulse wave is reflected back mostly from the aortic bifurcation.
Ultrasound revealed an intrauterine low-echoic mass/area (Figure 1(a)), in which Color Doppler revealed swirling blood flow (Figure 1(b)) and Pulse Wave Doppler revealed an arterial waveform (Figure 1(c)).
In addition, the important relationship between the first harmonic of the radial pulse wave and cardiac risk has been studied recently.
"Our data support the use of questions about sense of vitality in order to add prognostic information about subsequent risk of MACE independently of traditional risk markers, such as diabetes duration, age, [HbA.sub.1c], gender, smoking, systolic blood pressure, and carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity and sagittal abdominal diameter," Dr.
The parameters of arterial stiffness including stiffness parameter (b), pressure- strain elasticity modulus (Ep), arterial compliance (AC), augmentation index (AI), and one-point pulse wave velocity (PWVb) were determined by an ultrasound echo-tracking system (Aloka [alpha]-10, Japan) with a 7.5-MHz linear array probe.
The Body Cardio delivers metrics such as full body composition, heart health metrics such as pulse wave velocity, water percentage in body and muscle and bone mass and costs $179.95, while the Body+ acts like a virtual health coach, which records and rewards the user based on health-related data.
Carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity (cfPWV) is an accepted parameter of central arterial stiffness.