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Technologies, Creative Pultrusions Inc., and Europoles GMBH are among the major FRP poles manufacturers.
"Pultron has become one of the world's most innovative and technically advanced pultrusion companies with international, competitive advantage through unique pultrusion capabilities.
The radius pultrusion process takes a different approach.
'The significant corrosion problems in this region due to climatic conditions have resulted in strong demand for pultrusion services and with their new factory in Dubai, Pultron will be able to serve the market in a fast and efficient manner,' he noted.
The research described in this paper presents the processing technologies and methods developed that allow high-speed production of high-quality polyurethane pultrusions.
"It is reinforced with I-beam pultrusion to provide durability and strength," Reivik states.
Pultrusion usually relies on pulling resin coated fibres through a long, heated die.
Electrical equipment will exhibit the best growth prospects among markets for pultrusion resins, expanding 8.6 percent annually to the year 2002.
In other Owens-Corning news, the company has introduced a new lightweight nonwoven mat for pultrusion. Tradenamed "OCMat 4500," the product is a uniform, randomly dispersed nonwoven mat bonded with a polyester compatible binder and is designed to enhance the company's M8000 series of continuous filament mat products.
Pultrusion is a cost-effective and continuous closed molding method of manufacturing high-volume hybrid composite parts.