pulverized fuel ash

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sintered fuel ash, pulverized fuel ash

Coal ash particles which have been processed so that they adhere to each other, forming pellets suitable for lightweight aggregate.
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Chemical compositions of ordinary Portland cement and pulverized fuel ash Chemical Cement PFA (1) Composition (% by dry mass) (% by dry mass) CaO 65.4 13.9 Si[O.sub.2] 19.5 44.0 [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] 3.8 17.9 MgO 1.5 4.7 [Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3] 3.2 13.6 S[O.sub.4] 5.3 2.5 Loss on ignition 1.3 3.4 (1) PFA refers to pulverized fuel ash.
So also are efforts being made to substitute cement (wholly or partially) with locally available pozzolanic materials like volcanic ash, rice husk ash, sawdust ash, millet husk ash, pulverized fuel ash, bagasse ash and others in concrete [6,7].
It will also include an ash treatment facility for the treatment and conditioning of the residual pulverized fuel ash prior to its use in the construction industry.