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pulvinated, pillowed

Cushion-shaped, bulging out, as in the convex profile of the frieze in some Ionic orders.
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Stromata effused, applanate to pulvinate; 0.7-80 mm long x 0.5-40 mm broad x 0.8-1 mm thick, with inconspicuous perithecial mounds up to 1/4 exposed; surface Umber (9) with grey tones when young, becoming black to blackish when old; brown to black granules immediately beneath surface, brown granules detected by microscopic examination in water; KOH-extractable pigments pale Olivaceous Grey (121); the tissue below the perithecial layer inconspicuous, black.
Pileus 48 cm pulvinate to obtuse sticky slimy shinyglabrous yellowish brown smooth sometimes withbrownish scales on yellowish to dull yellowish colormargins entire slightly darker color than pileus surfacedeflexed.
1 mm long, brownish, pulvinate at the base; blades (6.5)8-11(12.5) cm long, 0.4-0.8(1.2) cm wide, linear to linear-lanceolate, green adaxially and glabrous abaxially, with a patch of white cilia at the base extending along one side of the midrib for 2-3 mm, the base attenuate, the apex attenuate-subulate, the margins weakly serrulate.
Variations in colony elevation can be categorized as flat, raised, convex, pulvinate, and umbonate.