Pumping Station

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pumping station

[′pəmp·iŋ ‚stā·shən]
(civil engineering)
A building in which two or more pumps operate to supply fluid flowing at adequate pressure to a distribution system.

Pumping Station


a structure that usually consists of a building and pump units (operating and standby), pipelines, and auxiliary equipment. Pumping station buildings may be above ground (with no connection between the foundations of the walls and the equipment), semisubterranean (with a shaft to permit location of the pumps at the required level above the medium being pumped), or subterranean. There are also floating pumping stations (located on a barge or pontoon).

Modern pumping stations use manual, automatic, or remote control. Pumping stations are a part of water-supply and sewer systems and are used in petroleum pipelines, irrigation and drainage systems, and navigable canals.


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The pumping capacity of the Pumping Station is 10 cubic meters per second.
The central pumping station provides water to more than 80% of the areas of Karachi, but owing to power outages, the supply was suspended, while all the areas of the city have been severely affected.
The Al Rayyan Pumping Station's capacity will be increased by 161 per cent, to pump around 4,700 cu m per day instead of the current 1,800 cu m per day.
The project foresees the construction of a rainfall collecting network with a total length of 1,100 metres and the construction of a large pumping station which will be able to pump 11 cubic metres per second.
The whole program aims to modernize and improve drainage capacity of Metro Manila by rehabilitating and modernizing 36 old pumping stations, construct 30 new pumping stations; minimize solid waste in waterways; and prioritize housing and resettlement of squatters living along waterways.
thepumpingstation.co.uk or find The Pumping Station on Facebook.
Owing to the power disruptions at both the pumping stations the city received around 30 million gallons less water that it normally receives, adds the statement.
Sharjah: Sharjah Municipality on Monday inducted three mobile pumping stations to deal with emergencies caused by floods and heavy rainfall.
This line is about 19km long starting from the borders between Seeb and Bausher to the main pumping station in Azaiba.
With the T2 Oil Pumping Station firmly under government control, the army has paved the way for a pincer offensive towards al-Mayadeen region that would either establish a pocket on the provincial border between Homs and Deir Ezzur or prompt a last-minute retreat from ISIL terrorists in the region.
The Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System's concessionaire for the west zone of Greater Manila Area said the project, dubbed North A Pumping Station Annex, would serve more than 84,000 households, including 10,000 new customers.
Moreover, KE has denied KWSB's allegations about major a power breakdown at Dhabeji, Gharo and Pipri pumping stations and said that 'the water board should not link water shortage with KE'.