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(po͞o`nä), high plateau region, 12,000 to 16,000 ft (3,658–4,877 m) high, between ridges of the Andes in Peru and Bolivia. Arid, cold, and in general, covered by short coarse grass, the puna has, nevertheless, long supported an Native American population. The icy wind sweeping the mineral-rich plateaus is also called puna.
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(Albanian for “labor”). (1) The name of one of the first trade unions of Albanian construction workers. Puna was founded in September 1933 in the city of Korçë by a communist group and numbered about 500 members. It played a significant role in the preparation and execution of the “bread demonstration” in Konçë in February 1936. The union was banned by the government in the late 1930’s.

(2) The name of a trade union of oil workers founded in Ku-çovë, Albania, in September 1935 and headed by communists. This union led the Kuçovë Strike of 1936. After the suppression of the strike, Puna’s activities were prohibited.

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An alpine biological community in the central portion of the Andes Mountains of South America characterized by low-growing, widely spaced plants that lack much green color most of the year.
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has three operations, including the Marigold gold mine in Nevada, US, the Seabee Gold Operation in Saskatchewan, Canada and the 75%-owned and operated Puna Operations joint venture in Jujuy, Argentina.
Tres sitios del Chaco se ubicaron en el departamento Metan (CH1: 755 msnm (25[grados]7'31.44" S & 65[grados] 2'16.92" W), CH2: 813 msnm (25[grados]7'22.8" S & 65[grados]3'44.4" W) y CH3: 829 msnm (25[grados] 7'25.2" S & 65[grados]5'52.8" W), mientras que los sitios pertenecientes al Monte y la Puna se localizaron en el departamento de Rosario de Lerma (MO1: 2 417 msnm (24[grados]41'34.08" S & 65[grados]461.92" W), MO2: 2 467 msnm (24[grados] 40'36.84" S & 65[grados]4771.12" W), MO3: 2 554 msnm (24[grados]36'33.84" S & 65[grados]50'7.08" W); PU1: 3 705 msnm (24[grados]2277.84" S & 66[grados] 615.84" W), PU2: 3 861 msnm (24[grados]2017.16" 5 & 66[grados]7'8.04" W) y PU3: 3 989 msnm (24[grados] 1874.12" S & 66[grados]8'44.16" W).
In 2012, at a Pacific Leaders Forum meeting, Prime Minister Puna declared the nation's intention.
Especificamente, en la Puna argentina algunas clases han sido asignadas satisfactoriamente a distintos momentos de los cazadores-recolectores que ocuparon la region (Cigliano 1962; Fernandez 1983; Gonzalez 1952), pero no todas estan asociadas con cronologia absoluta.
The school identified 153 students who live in lower Puna that could be impacted.
La puna xerofitica es un ecosistema altoandino dominado por pastizales asociados con matorrales y arbustos; distribuida en Sudamerica a lo largo de la Cordillera de los Andes, extendiendose desde el noroeste de Argentina, oeste de Bolivia, norte de Chile, hasta el sur del Peru, entre los 3000 y 4500 metros sobre el nivel del mar (Josse et al.
The warning came as residents were cleaning up from a tropical storm that made landfall over the Puna district, toppling trees and knocking out electricity.
La Reserva Nacional de Junin, es un area de conservacion altoandina de 53000 ha en la que se asientan 9 comunidades campesinas, entre ellas la Comunidad Campesina Villa de Junin, que se dedican a actividades agropecuarias y en cuyos terrenos comunales se practica el "champeo", con fines energeticos, debido a la falta de materiales alternativos que brinden a los pobladores la energia necesaria para calentar sus casas y cocinar sus alimentos, afectando con esta actividad a las formaciones vegetales de cesped de puna y el bofedal.
Waikato District Health Board's (DHB) Maori health service, Te Puna Oranga, has led the pepi-pod programme in the Waikato, in conjunction with the Midland Maternity Advisory Group, and has worked in partnership with the other DHBs across the Midland area.
It took 24 minutes for the deadlock to be broken when Terence Puna went through in the corner for an unconverted try for the home side.