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A piece removed from a sheet of metal or other material by a punch press.
A method of extrusion, cold heading, hot forging, or stamping in a machine for which mating die sections determine the shape or contour of the work.
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in metalworking, the final operation in producing a through hole in a billet by forging and stamping. In order to reduce the amount of scrap, the hole is marked by piercing before being punched. The punching of the connecting strip that remains is carried out using piercing tools (in forging) or a punch and die having sharp edges (in stamping).

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Although a longer fighting duration in each round may result in a lower rate in several activity parameters, thus bringing about a lower work intensity and blood lactate, previous studies (7,8,12,15), suggest that it is necessary for successful boxers to be able to maintain their rate of physical activity (especially punching frequency and footwork) until the end of the match (2,4).
However, the research done on the material and the analysis of the results obtained did not result in any linear or square function that could illustrate the trend of increasing or decreasing amount of work required for dynamic punching. The results remain unpredictable.
We concluded that available punching methodologies for DBS excision present very low risks of contamination.
We ran the machine at a similar speed punching the same parts for a similar time period.
When constructing the punching tools, care must be taken that they match exactly to the injection mold.
The progressive images shown here illustrate the sequence of events during the punching cycle.
Setting up new punching operations requires a thorough analysis of the materials to be punched, the punch presses' production capabilities, and the best tooling to achieve quality and maximum productivity.
Mate's Ultra tool system has developed a good track record for punching difficult materials at high speeds.
Its large part-size capacity ideally suits it for punching and forming large-scale panels for vending machines, refrigeration cases, steel furniture and structurals for the construction trade.
'I changed its (punching bag) content to sawdust,' said Fernandez.
The integrated turret punch press/right angle shear combination allows punching, nibbling, forming, and shearing to be performed in a single workstage for maximum efficiency and accuracy.
Mayweather, who was virtually turned into a punching bag by Pacquiao in the fourth and sixth rounds, unleashed 168 power shots and landed 81 for 48 percent.