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1. a perforation and loss of pressure in a pneumatic tyre, made by sharp stones, glass, etc.
2. the act of puncturing or perforating
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a piercing of the wall of any cavity, vessel, hollow or parenchymatous organ, tumor, or infiltrate for purposes of treatment or diagnosis. Exploratory punctures are used to help accurately diagnose diseases either through analysis of the contents of a cavity—the pleural cavity, for example—and subsequent cytological, biochemical, and bacteriological examination or through microscopic, ultramicroscopic, cytochemical, and chromosomal study of cells obtained from pathologically altered organs. It is also used for measuring the pressure in the cavities of the heart, large blood vessels, and the cerebrospinal canal and for introducing into a cavity contrast materials or air (radiodiagnostics). Therapeutic punctures are used to extract pus, blood, air, or fluid from a cavity, wash the cavity, and introduce medicinal substances. Often both types of punctures coincide.

There are a number of common punctures. Veins are punctured in order to obtain blood for analysis and for bloodletting, injection of medication, or transfusion of blood. In the case of exudative pleuritis, the pleural cavity is punctured in order to remove air from the cavity and induce artificial pneumothorax. The abdominal cavity is punctured if ascites is present, and joints are punctured for therapeutic and exploratory purposes. Puncture of the cerebrospinal canal is performed for analysis of the cerebrospinal fluid or injection of medications or radiopa-que substances. The urinary bladder is punctured when there is urinary retention and it is impossible to introduce a catheter. Puncture is done with a syringe and a special needle or trocar, according to all the principles of asepsis and anesthesia.


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Disruptive discharge through insulation involving a sudden and large increase in current through the insulation due to complete failure under electrostatic stress.
(science and technology)
To pierce or indent.
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Morover, he got punctured bike tyres twice a month, he added.
Driving too long on punctured or damaged run-flats can cause tires to catch fire.
Scape weakly punctured. Face rugosoareolate, areoles becoming smaller towards vertex and paraocular areas, and weaker on supraclypeal area; gena and postgena strongly striate.
Initially debuting in 2005, Goodyear's DuraSeal technology incorporates a built-in sealant designed to allow truck operators to continue driving after a tire is punctured. The technology allows the tire to remain in service until it is retreaded.
MICHELIN'S revolutionary new Pax run-flat tyres allow customers to travel safely for 125 miles, below 50 mph, on punctured tyres.
GENUS ONE In the rubbery world of topology, it's possible to imagine creating a helicoid by carefully deforming and stretching the surface of a punctured sphere rather than by expanding and twirling a fiat soap film.
"Then I had two tyres punctured by screws and started collecting those I found and taking photographs.
Police have arrested a man and released him on bail after a total of 120 cars in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, had their tyres punctured during two nights over the Easter Weekend.
to the homeless to Cheney's "Energy Task Force"; all of this is conveyed via sweeping panoramas suggesting patriotic Hollywood war movies whose illusionistic spaces have been punctured by scrawled and printed news headlines, slogans, and leftist political graffiti.
At a radically different scale, it is punctured by small, square and deep apertures that illuminate the interior without revealing--at least in daylight--each room's exact position or size.
HUNDREDS of motorists in South-West Wales have had their tyres punctured by tiny pins which have spilled onto the roads.
A runway at Kansai airport was closed for about 40 minutes Thursday afternoon after an incoming Korean Air jumbo jetliner punctured a tire and stopped on a taxiway, airport officials said.