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He said that when a law that would punish perpetrators, irrespective of the class was in place, gladiators in the election process would behave well.
'In general, just as there is no law to punish those who post their personal opinion on social media, I also cannot find any law that punishes those who ink their finger [without going to vote],' he said.
'Those who should be punished are being acquitted and those who should be acquitted are being made to appear before court,' the former premier said while addressing the media outside the accountability court hearing corruption cases against him.
He added, thieves and fraudsters should be punished at any cost and that he was making a request from Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe to imprison them.
The new law authorises both police and municipalities to punish offenders.
Global Banking News-October 29, 2014--Former China central bank chief says Hong Kong protests could be punished
Nasir Khan Durrani said that administration is predicated upon the ability to punish & reward and it is impossible to actually command a disciplined force without having these requisites.
Prior to the recently introduced amendments, a District Police Officer was unable to punish the officers of the ranks of Inspector.
Des Moines (1969), still the lodestar for school discipline cases, schools can punish student speech only if it will cause a substantial disruption or violate the rights of others.
Russia: Russia on Saturday urged South Sudan to punish those responsible for shooting down a UN helicopter, killing all four Russian crew members on board.
However, they are very selective who to punish. On February 2 during the one day match between England and Australia, English wicketkeeper Matt Prior dislodged the ball and appealed for clean bowled against Mitchel Johnson.