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1. dried decayed wood that smoulders when ignited: used as tinder
2. any of various other substances that smoulder when ignited, esp one used to light fireworks



a material that smolders when a spark falls on it. Punk is used to start a fire by striking steel against a flint. It is prepared from the sporophores of various fungi of the genus Fomes, particularly the tinder fungus (F. fomentarius), which grows mainly on the birch tree. To obtain punk, the sporophore is separated from the rest of the fruiting body, impregnated with potassium nitrate, and dried. Punk was used to kindle fires primarily before matches came into widespread use.

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As for this season's punk attitude and the presence of studs, I feel that they are safer than previous seasons as the studs are safe and not too edgy.
I hope that visitors learn something of the diversity and complexity of punk art and design, and that perhaps some are inspired to do it themselves in a creative, and perhaps less restrictive way.
Buzzcocks guitarist Steve Diggle said: "A punk motto was to be yourself and do it yourself.
In the end, he said that if he has to compare CM Punk to this 50 percent, he is confident to say Punk is way above the 50 percent bunch that has no ground.
That's why we developed PUNK, which is 75% more powerful than other palm-sized wireless speakers and it's tough enough to throw in your bag and go with you anywhere.
At this point, punk is as much a stylistic denomination as classicism or Romanticism, a label that functions conveniently in the popular language.
11) This study seeks to explore the creation, transmission, and diffusion of collective memory by analyzing the publication of a particular format of punk oral-history books.
We needed someone to add a bit of gravitas to proceedings," explains Punks Not Dad frontman Sid Life Crisis.
This exhibition has its source in a carefully compiled archive of graphics, prints, photographs and memorabilia collected by Gerrion Jones since the early days of punk in 1976 when he was a teenager.
Save Your Breath are first on stage and the audience laps up the summery melodic punk.
The punk attitude was all about doing it yourself and it was the biggest threat to the music industry in the Seventies.
ACCORDING to the authors of this book, punk rock is about estrangement from, and opposition to, capitalist society, although it is also recognized that it has accommodative tendencies as well.