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1. dried decayed wood that smoulders when ignited: used as tinder
2. any of various other substances that smoulder when ignited, esp one used to light fireworks



a material that smolders when a spark falls on it. Punk is used to start a fire by striking steel against a flint. It is prepared from the sporophores of various fungi of the genus Fomes, particularly the tinder fungus (F. fomentarius), which grows mainly on the birch tree. To obtain punk, the sporophore is separated from the rest of the fruiting body, impregnated with potassium nitrate, and dried. Punk was used to kindle fires primarily before matches came into widespread use.

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Greene proposes: "I'm not talking about what punk is in essence.
Hopefully this will get more people interested in punk - it is still definitely alive and kicking in the North East.
He said: "I had been in touch with the Whitley Bay Film Festival and spoken about me doing something around Punk.
Reading these chapters, you would think Germans had not broached the Nazi past until punk, and yet we have a very large historical literature which explores the many different dimensions to Vergangenheitsbewaltigung that have occupied Germans since 1945.
Even though Punk didn't answer The Rock's call, he did (https://twitter.
Crossley begins by laying out the fundamental question of the book: "Why and how did punk and then post-punk emerge, when, where, in the way and involving the people they did?
He has also plotted the impact of punk in the provinces where thousands, if not millions, of disgruntled teenagers heeded The Clash's entreaty to the 'faraway towns' to 'come out of the cupboard, you boys and girls' (London Calling).
Punk then entered the Octagon and shook hands with Gall.
Since 2010, I have noticed that the return of punk is very obvious, especially with the overall theme and mix of punk elements with seasonal trends.
Album covers and photographs of famed punk icons including the Ramones and the Sex Pistols will also be on show.
The rapid decline of the Pistols mirrored that of punk itself but the genie was out of the bottle and New Wave took its place.
I basically have no real relationship with punk because (a) I was too young for its initial moment of truth, and (b) it's so not my style.