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1. dried decayed wood that smoulders when ignited: used as tinder
2. any of various other substances that smoulder when ignited, esp one used to light fireworks
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a material that smolders when a spark falls on it. Punk is used to start a fire by striking steel against a flint. It is prepared from the sporophores of various fungi of the genus Fomes, particularly the tinder fungus (F. fomentarius), which grows mainly on the birch tree. To obtain punk, the sporophore is separated from the rest of the fruiting body, impregnated with potassium nitrate, and dried. Punk was used to kindle fires primarily before matches came into widespread use.

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His dual role as head honcho and bit player rest easily with him, a cool clam blowing over his punkish veneer.
Then, just when you thought it was all over, there's an unexpected breakneck punkish extra track.
Granted there's a gulf in technical excellence between Brum's symphony orchestra and my punkish favourites.
Furious and punkish, the band think their sound should go down well in the States.
As does Sevigny--a punkish, twenty-something girl ventriloquizing the persona of a literary Great White Male.
Material was temporarily donated for the exhibition and over 40 hours of oral history (taken from interviews with around 30 people with punkish knowledge) was played through a jukebox in the gallery along with a selection of Punk 7" singles donated by the participants.
Arthur himself must pass through a metallic iris that transforms him into a minuscule kid with punkish hair, and then is brought to the court of the king (Robert De Niro).
However varied Heck's paintings, photos, and videos may appear, the overall impression they give is of an aggressive, punkish attitude, a refusal to accept the world as it is.
Five Years and Soul Love are almost tender in their simplicity, while Moonage Daydream and Suffragette City are punkish anthems of dystopian cool.
"If I was young today, I think I would be a bit punkish - not punk but something in that direction.They look really aggressive with all their studs and things, but I must admit that it has a certain appeal to me.
Vocalist Paul Resende and sultry guitarist Claire Ingram looked like a pair of public school rebels, while bassist John Ball had a punkish Mohawk.
Gutterflower covers a wide range of musical styles - opener Big Machine is driving rock, Think About Me an acoustic whimsy, Here Is Gone an arena anthem and Tucked Away a punkish gallop - so it should give them every opportunity to extend their British fanbase.