Pure Culture

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pure culture

[′pyu̇r ¦kəl·chər]
A culture that contains cells of one kind, all progeny of a single cell.
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Pure Culture


a culture containing cells of a single species of microorganism.

The most reliable way of isolating a pure culture is from a single cell of a population. For yeast and microscopic fungi, this is accomplished by Lindner’s drop technique. Drops from a cellular suspension of yeast or fungi spores (conidia) are transferred to a cover glass, or cover slip. The cover glass is then placed over a cavity slide. Microscopic techniques are used to find a drop containing a single cell, and the drop is then transferred, using sterile procedures, to a culture medium. Pure, single-cell bacterial cultures are isolated with the aid of a micromanipulator or thin capillaries (B. V. Perfil’ev’s microselector).

The isolation of pure cultures is necessary in the classification and study of the variability of microorganisms and in the production of vaccines. It is also used in the microbiological industry for the preparation of enzymes, antibiotics, vitamins, steroid hormones, and other preparations.

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The isolation of pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria was done according to the conventional method.
One hundred pure culture plates were prepared from the original culture plates from each organ.
These pure cultures are considered as first generation culture (mother cultures) and hyphal tips were inoculated to obtain the second-generation culture.
The same trend was evident in the presence of both sanitizers indicating that the addition of sanitizers to the medium did not influence the toxicity of O113 in pure culture. Growth of E.
Yeast-like organisms were isolated from urine samples on three consecutive days as pure cultures. It was identified as Trichosporon asahii using API ID 32C.
This proves the possibility of using a pure culture of Staphylococcus xylosus in dulce de leche, aiming at helping with development of special aroma, taste and texture to such products.
typhimurium in pure culture is high, when in the presence of other microorganisms recovery may vary, the highest growth values were obtained in RP -this broth was productive and selective for S.
Brad and I believed that we were the first to induce a malolactic fermentation from a pure culture. During preparation of our manuscript, we learned that Peynaud and Domecq had also been successful.
Ka3 150/150 (100%) Pure culture Uncultured AOB 150/150 (100%) Meadow soil, Osterfelder Kopf Germany Nitrosospira sp.
It's pure culture shock: Yu Shui is thrown into a unfamiliar mix of corporate work ethic, middle-class customers and a managerial attitude that immediately gives all employees English names--Yu Shui becomes "Cindy"; her co-worker Chen Bo Yu is "Jerry."
Starting with a pure culture or single colonies of the grown organisms, species identification is usually accomplished by a comprehensive determination of phenotypic profiles including Gram stain results, morphology, growth requirements, biochemical or biophysical properties, and when available, specific antigen or agglutination tests.