purge valve

air purge valve

A device which eliminates trapped air from a piping system.
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Tenders are invited for Flange Purge Valve O Ring For Faiveley Make Air Dryer To Ftil Pt.
An automatic purge valve balances air pressure while keeping out water and dust.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because they are likely to have a defective canister purge valve that causes internal fuel tank pressure changes.
By combining the take-off box and external purge valve, we can use the plunger as a gravity dispense feeder rather than a simple open / close shut off.
The case is also waterproof and even has a purge valve to adjust for air pressure changes without letting dust or water enter the case.
While standard package includes NovaWheel Dryer, vacuum blower, vacuum purge valve with slide gate discharge, and machine mount vacuum receiver, features include 7-day timer, maintenance alerts, dew point sensor, loader control, RTC with battery backup, and Ethernet communications option.
The typical straight tie rod assembly incorporates a sealed boot and patented purge valve that resists the ingress of contaminants and improves durability.
The keypad interface on the CLC14 is said to allow for convenient programming and monitoring of up to four loading stations and one pump, and includes a Mitsubishi programmable control with LED display, vent valve output for vacuum pump, closed loop conveying (dry or ambient air) capability, common purge valve output control and more.
We found at NTC that when the M58 smoke generator's fuel purge valve plugged up the OVER/UNDER SPEED light: would kick on and the turbine would shut down.
Although the shape is distinctly different than other cases in [he line, the case still includes all features of the traditional proprietary case, including water and dustproof neoprene o-ring seal, automatic purge valve with Gore-rex membrane, and the new double-throw latches that withstand 400 lbs of strain.
As for the other, they've crated a positive-flow purge valve that permits turning the gas on and off without the problem.
By making the purge valve integral to the back of the assembly, the dead leg associated with the welding of a valve directly to the assembly is greatly reduced.