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one of four Middle English alliterative poems, all contained in a manuscript of c.1400, composed in the West Midland dialect, almost certainly by the same anonymous author, who flourished c.1370–1390.
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The degree to which the content of impurity can be detected by an analytical procedure in a sample of matter that is classified as a pure substance; the grade of purity is in inverse proportion to the amount of impurity present. Also known as chemical purity.
The degree to which a primary color is pure and not mixed with the other two primary colors.


See also Modesty.
symbol of the Virgin Mary’s innocence. [O.T.: Numbers 17: 1–11; Art: Hall, 14]
its transparency symbolizes pureness. [Folklore: Jobes, 391]
Galahad, Sir
sole knight who could sit in siege perilous. [Br. Lit.: Le Morte d’Arthur; Idylls of the King]
soap 99.44% pure. [Trademarks: Crowley Trade, 289]
Karamazov, Alyosha
pure at heart, with compassion for his erring and tortured family. [Russ. Lit.: Dostoevsky The Brothers Karamazov]
emblematic of the Blessed Virgin Mary. [Christian Symbol-ism: Appleton, 39]
long unbound hair
custom for unmarried women, virgin saints, brides. [Art: Hall, 144]
used as symbol of purity in da Vinci paintings. [Plant Symbolism: Embolden, 25]
“pure as the driven snow.” [Western Folklore: Misc.]
Star of Bethlehem
indicates pureness. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 183]
Virgin Mary
immaculately conceived; mother of Jesus Christ. [N.T.: Matthew 1:18–25; 12:46–50; Luke 1:26–56; 11:27–28; John 2; 19:25–27]
archetypal symbol. [Christian Symbolism: Appleton, 109]
symbol of innocence of heart; flower of July. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 178; Kunz, 329]
symbol of virginity; in American flag, purity. [Color Symbolism: Leach, 242]


Physics a measure of the amount of a single-frequency colour in a mixture of spectral and achromatic colours
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