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(building construction)
A horizontal roof beam, perpendicular to the trusses or rafters; supports the roofing material or the common rafters.



a horizontal structural member in a roof. A purlin is supported on the principals (girders or trusses), and it supports panels or planking. Purlins are made of metal (solid or latticed), reinforced concrete, or wood (solid or with a closed or open cross section).

purlin, purline

A piece of timber laid horizontally on the principal rafters of a roof to support the common rafters on which the roof covering is laid. Compare with subpurlin; also See common purlin, principal purlin, ridge purlin, and through purlin.
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The master bedroom has an exposed purlin and built in mirror fronted wardrobes.
In the earlier publication (Choudhary and Kasprzak 2010) we had considered the purlin single-layer FG insulation assemblies.
Bedroom three includes a door with an original stained glass panel, exposed wooden floor, purlin to ceiling and generous wardrobes.
To save time and avoid the difficult task of applying finish to the rafters and purlins later, we applied two coats of a transparent exterior sealer before cutting and installing the rafters and purlins.
here n--the number of purlins per beam from one side; L--the length of a beam; F--the force of purlin to a beam.
Typical failure mode was local buckling in purlin sections near outer bolts.
The main product lines Dana Steel offers include various types of insulated composite profiled panels, profiled cladding sheets, wall cladding sheets, roof cladding sheets, curved cladding sheets, flashing sheets, sandwich panels, flat panels, cold store panels and secondary structural steel members such as Z & C purlins and ancillary accessories.
To make the purlins needed for its 30-foot length, you'll have to cut a 20-foot pipe in half, then join each half to another 20-foot pipe.
The third bedroom has a high pitched ceiling with exposed purlin, and beautiful country views.
He advised the owner to fit temporary brackets to hold the ends of the purlins into place, together with props to support the purlins mid span.
The company has unveiled plans, which include the introduction of the new long span purlin G-2 (second generation).