purple sail

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purple sail:

see jellyfishjellyfish,
common name for the free-swimming stage (see polyp and medusa), of certain invertebrate animals of the phylum Cnidaria (the coelenterates). The body of a jellyfish is shaped like a bell or umbrella, with a clear, jellylike material filling most of the space between
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; polyp and medusapolyp and medusa,
names for the two body forms, one nonmotile and one typically free swimming, found in the aquatic invertebrate phylum Cnidaria (the coelenterates). Some animals of this group are always polyps, some are always medusae, and some exhibit both a polyp and a medusa
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And in the first century BC, the extravagant queen Cleopatra decked out her palace in purple porphyry with matching cloth and would travel with her entourage on a boat with purple sails. The Qatar site, the first production area discovered in the Gulf region, was obviously very active, having yielded a total of three million snail shells.
Cleopatra seduced Julius Caesar by arriving to meet him on a barge with purple sails scented with cedarwood, and propelled by silver oars, she meanwhile reclined under a gold-embroidered awning dressed as Aphrodite, goddess of love.