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purpleheart, purple wood

The heartwood of any of several leguminous South American trees; hard, durable, fine-grained wood which is brown in color but turns purple on exposure; esp. used for inlays and veneer.
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Purpleheart wood, NSN 5510-01-454-8568, must be purchased by board feet (BF).
(purpleheart or pau-roxo), Couepia robusta Huber (pajura), Aniba riparia (Nees) Mez (louro) and Manilkara paraensis (Huber) Standl.
Photo: Ambassador's ribbon of mahogany and 1 3/4-inch oak round distinguish this board of richly toned purpleheart
Advantage Mill offers many different door styles and designs using oak, maple and some exotic species like purpleheart.
Plain and simple, use only purpleheart wood, NSN 5510-01454-8568, or apitong wood, NSN 5510-01-525-6325, when you replace the decking.
This time, though, the verticals, steel rods each topped by a ram's-horn-like corkscrew of a wood called purpleheart, are below instead of above.
Keep the word Purpleheart" in mind when it's time to replace the decking boards.
Many trees change color once they are cut but the tropical American tree called purpleheart is especially famous for its chameleon-like quality.
Tux and Zoot, a pair of portrait mirrors made of solid maple and purpleheart, recut veneers of tay, sapele, pommmele and brandied peach burl, were the winning pieces for I.A.
The woods used were black walnut, limba, purpleheart and Southern red.
Purpleheart has a wide variety of uses from the practical to the sublime.
The busy pollinators tend to prefer single blooms in blues, yellows and purples, so fill your bee garden with mums, marigolds, daffodils, zinnias, purplehearts, dahlias and asters.