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1. any of various colours with a hue lying between red and blue and often highly saturated; a nonspectral colour
2. cloth of this colour, often used to symbolize royalty or nobility
3. high rank; nobility
a. the official robe of a cardinal
b. the rank, office, or authority of a cardinal as signified by this
5. the purple bishops collectively
6. of the colour purple
7. (of writing) excessively elaborate or full of imagery
8. noble or royal

What does it mean when you dream about the color purple?

Used by monarchs for centuries, purple is the color of royalty, high rank, and dignity. This highly regarded color has connotations of transformation, particularly personal transformation. Esoterically, it represents the crown chakra, which is the highest center of consciousness in certain metaphysical systems.


color worn by persons of high rank. [Western Culture: Misc.]


Purple is usually the color of royalty, high rank, or dignity. It is a strong color that can not be ignored. Likewise, most people have a strong opinion of purple:they really like it or vehemently dislike it. To some people, purple has spiritual connotations. The Catholic Church uses it at funerals and around Easter time. It represents spiritual and personal transformation. Purple could also represent higher consciousness and spiritual protection. A version of purple is also the color of the crown Chakra. When interpreting this color consider all of the details in the dream and try to make connections between the above mentioned ideas and your current issues.
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For example, a 1994 episode of the program 20th Century that focuses on serial murder is titled "America's Serial Killer Epidemic." Host Mike Wallace introduces the segment with the purplest of prose: "He has been called Jack the Ripper, a mistake of nature, a mad beast, a killing machine.
Ah, the large part that luck plays in our precious lives: this, this, was a prime example, for you see, it so happens Peter is an expert on this flower, a hybrid, the purplest of purples, its petals plush as velvet.
However, the rest of the book suffers the purplest of prose emulsions.
Come September, it is time to offer the shiniest jars, the handsomest cauliflower, or the purplest beets to the harvest festival at the church.