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1. any of various colours with a hue lying between red and blue and often highly saturated; a nonspectral colour
2. cloth of this colour, often used to symbolize royalty or nobility
3. high rank; nobility
a. the official robe of a cardinal
b. the rank, office, or authority of a cardinal as signified by this
5. the purple bishops collectively
6. of the colour purple
7. (of writing) excessively elaborate or full of imagery
8. noble or royal
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What does it mean when you dream about the color purple?

Used by monarchs for centuries, purple is the color of royalty, high rank, and dignity. This highly regarded color has connotations of transformation, particularly personal transformation. Esoterically, it represents the crown chakra, which is the highest center of consciousness in certain metaphysical systems.

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color worn by persons of high rank. [Western Culture: Misc.]
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Purple is usually the color of royalty, high rank, or dignity. It is a strong color that can not be ignored. Likewise, most people have a strong opinion of purple:they really like it or vehemently dislike it. To some people, purple has spiritual connotations. The Catholic Church uses it at funerals and around Easter time. It represents spiritual and personal transformation. Purple could also represent higher consciousness and spiritual protection. A version of purple is also the color of the crown Chakra. When interpreting this color consider all of the details in the dream and try to make connections between the above mentioned ideas and your current issues.
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The affected areas initially look bluish or purplish and later turn black.
The purplish color, which belongs to the logo of the team's official sponsoring telecom company, sparked a series of sarcastic comments by users who said they hated the choice which -- to say the least-- have no connection to the country's flag!
It's caused by microscopic pieces of plaque blocking the tiny blood vessels in the toes, which traps blood in the toes, leading to the purplish color.
As we've been led to believe the effort achieved a reddish or purplish cast on the receivers of already purchased rifles that, after a period of time, required refinishing.
According to the Mashable, the source of the purplish glow is not yet confirmed.
The most widely cultivated types are varieties of aster novi-belgii and vary in height from 12ins - Jenny (purplish red) and Audrey (mauve) to 36 or even 48ins - Winston S.
When it is engorged with blood, it becomes visibly swollen and purplish. Once spotted, a tick should be removed immediately--and totally, if possible--by reaching below its body with a fine-tipped forceps or tweezers, grabbing it by its head, and gently pulling it out.
Hues of purplish blue, tints of white-rusted gold, shades of youthful viridity, all blending on the broken surface of this layered masterpiece.
Offer 2: Verbascum "Clementine" - BUY 2 GET 1 FREE Performs best in poor soils, has spikes of warm, orange flowers, each with contrasting purplish filament hairs.
They add a zing to spring with masses of beautiful blossom in shades of white to pink and purplish reds and in autumn produce crabapples in colours ranging from yellow to red, which can be used for jelly-making.
The young twigs are green at first, becoming purplish when exposed to sunlight, then grey in their second year.
Spin magazine editors commissioned "Purplish Rain," a tribute album with songs from the soundtrack.