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1. any of various colours with a hue lying between red and blue and often highly saturated; a nonspectral colour
2. cloth of this colour, often used to symbolize royalty or nobility
3. high rank; nobility
a. the official robe of a cardinal
b. the rank, office, or authority of a cardinal as signified by this
5. the purple bishops collectively
6. of the colour purple
7. (of writing) excessively elaborate or full of imagery
8. noble or royal
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What does it mean when you dream about the color purple?

Used by monarchs for centuries, purple is the color of royalty, high rank, and dignity. This highly regarded color has connotations of transformation, particularly personal transformation. Esoterically, it represents the crown chakra, which is the highest center of consciousness in certain metaphysical systems.

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color worn by persons of high rank. [Western Culture: Misc.]
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Purple is usually the color of royalty, high rank, or dignity. It is a strong color that can not be ignored. Likewise, most people have a strong opinion of purple:they really like it or vehemently dislike it. To some people, purple has spiritual connotations. The Catholic Church uses it at funerals and around Easter time. It represents spiritual and personal transformation. Purple could also represent higher consciousness and spiritual protection. A version of purple is also the color of the crown Chakra. When interpreting this color consider all of the details in the dream and try to make connections between the above mentioned ideas and your current issues.
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Generally, purply plum colours can be worn by women with dark hair and dark eyes.
For you the range of pinks is huge, from plum my and purply pinks, fuscia, magenta, dusky pinks, candy and baby pink.
The man, it would seem, performs a shamanistic rite; his extended hand and the five-fingered stalk are mates, both black with a purply glaze.
My sister, who is 64, has unsightly purply blue blotches round and above her ankles.
THE bottle looks wonderful and the wine is a lovely purply red.
It's possibly also why Nissan came up with the Nightshade colour name for a model it hopes will make people's eyes pop out, though not necessarily due to its metallic purply black paint job.
Those purply hues are perfect set against browns, whether it is the natural tones of wooden furniture or flooring or just complementary fabrics in russet browns, terracottas and even greens.
The poem "Spring" in that volume makes use of normative syntax such as "Let's take a walk / In the city / Till our shoes get wet" while maintaining some of the exuberance of When the Sun Tries to Go On: "Let's make music / (I hear the cats / purply beautiful / Like hallways in summer / Made of snowing rubber / Valence piccalilli and diamonds ..." Koch has always had dash and bounce, or, as O'Hara wrote in his defense, "He has the other poetic gift: vivacity and go, originality of perception and intoxication with life.
We've got purply brown, grey, fawn and one recently meticulously laid in pink with white diamond shapes down the middle.
Fiona says: "This treatment has an 85 per cent success rate, but it's only for fine veins - we cannot treat the legs, or darker red or purply veins.