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1. an occupation, hobby, or pastime
2. (in cycling) a race in which the riders set off at intervals along the track and attempt to overtake each other



a type of military action whose objective is to destroy or capture an enemy who has begun a forced retreat or a deliberate withdrawal of troops to new lines.

Pursuit is organized when there is detection of an enemy withdrawal resulting from a successful breakthrough of enemy defenses, the defeat of the enemy in a meeting engagement, or a successfully developing counterstrike. The pursuit is carried on without stopping, either by day or by night. It follows in the path of the enemy’s withdrawal or travels in parallel directions for the purpose of overtaking the main forces, cutting off retreat routes, encircling the enemy, and destroying or capturing him. Troops pursue in combat, approach march, or march formations. Tank forces are used to reach deep points on the path of enemy withdrawal and take important lines where the enemy could organize resistance; airborne landings may also be used in such cases. If the retreating enemy goes over to the defensive, pursuing forces attack on the run. During pursuit, special attention is given to the fight against approaching enemy reserves.

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because we never meant when we constructed the State, that the opposition of natures should extend to every difference, but only to those differences which affected the pursuit in which the individual is engaged; we should have argued, for example, that a physician and one who is in mind a physician may be said to have the same nature.
And can you mention any pursuit of mankind in which the male sex has not all these gifts and qualities in a higher degree than the female?
He lurked noiseless and invisible in the bushes through which I had run from him during that midnight pursuit.
Easterby's (below) five-year-old son of Pastoral Pursuits has won seven of his 37 races on turf - four on ground officially described as soft or heavy.
With so many home-based businesses courts frequently find themselves needing to apply the two-prong test to determine whether the "business pursuits" exclusion is applicable.
The defense industry spends significant financial resources and manpower executing international pursuits. An international defense systems pursuit or capture normally spans several years--therefore, the investment is considerable.
Department policy governs all police pursuits. A supervising officer manages each pursuit.
It is of note Modular Pursuits, his latest collage and a companion to his latest album Clay Cutlery, is a covers record.
It said the control room operator did not find out whether the police driver was authorised to carry out pursuits and there were subsequent changes made to the police log of the incident.
Due to the close proximity, vehicle pursuits initiated by one agency may travel through several jurisdictions and involve multiple police departments.
"Since this incident police pursuit guidelines have been given the force of law and will go a long way to ensuring that police pursuits are carried out correctly."
Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits offers a fine discussion of what makes brand names work, analyzing big company successes and their design choices.