push joint

shoved joint

In brickwork, a vertical joint which is filled with mortar by laying a brick in a bed of mortar and shoving it toward the last brick laid.
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He asserted that exchanging parliamentary visits between the two countries reflects the mutual desire to further bolster bilateral cooperation and open up new horizons, and is in line with the resolve of the two countries' leaderships to push joint cooperation forward and attain more achievements at the GCC, Arab and international levels.
Sotto likewise chided those who push joint session as he said Congress, under the Constitution, was mandated to vote jointly only on martial law.
The next US president and Congress should push joint efforts in cyber and homeland security, clean energy, the digital revolution and the emerging global strategic health campaign.
We need to push joint education to lower and lower ranks.
His Majesty highlighted the Russian leaders' esteem for Bahrain and strong desire to develop relations and push joint co-operation forward," Cabinet secretary general Dr Yasser Al Nasser said.
He said that both Kuwait and Albania are eager to push joint cooperation to wider levels, stressing that President Nishani commended the depth of friendship relations between the two countries.
General Shaikh Mohammed added that Friday's meeting represented an important milestone towards expanding and strengthening avenues of cooperation between the two friendly countries and their peoples and would push joint economic activities and investments to new heights.
He affirmed cohesion among state governments of the Arab League and their peoples despite the crisis being witnessed by the region which he said indicates that the peoples of the region are well aware of the collaboration of efforts for the joint action, calling for restructuring the A L as the new structure will push joint Arab action towards reform and progress.
In a new position paper, the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) calls on the EU to push joint research with the carbon capture and storage (CCS) community.
Both sides agreed upon the need for the Arab Summit to come out with resolutions that help bolster Arab solidarity and push joint Arab action forward in order to serve Arab higher interests, stressing the need for uniting efforts to strengthen the Arab stance to confront challenges facing the Arab nation.
The two automakers are also exploring the possibility of jointly setting up a venture to push joint development and production of minivehicles, they added.
have signed an agreement to enter a capital tie-up and push joint apparel business in brand-name clothes.