push technology

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push technology

Transmitting data from an internal network or a cloud-based service to the user's computer or mobile device. Notifications for a wide variety of events such as stock quotes and Facebook posts are pushed in real time. In contrast, email is typically pushed when users open their mail program. Application updates may be automatically pushed when the app is opened or only when requested by the user.

Push Is Automatic - Pull Requires a Request
Contrast push with "pull" technology, in which the user initiates a request for the data each time. Retrieving a Web page is an example of the pull model.

PointCast Was the First
In the mid-1990s, PointCast was the first Internet product to become popular for pushing selected news and stock quotes into a user's computer (see PointCast). See real time, BackWeb and Active Channel.

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The findings offer insights into the role of newspapers in policy diffusion, revealing how Queensland media reports framed the shift in PSI policy from pull model FOI to push model RTI.
The new HRC216K3HDA fits neatly between the current HRC models, the self-propelled HRC216K3HXA and the push model HRC216K3PDA.
The ontology-based personalized push model of agricultural information service (Qiao et al, 2013) and the personalized recommendation algorithm based on ontology user interest model (Yan et al.
This model often makes sense when social volume rises, as the push model offers efficiency at scale.
After all, the rise of increasingly complex treatments requires an ongoing, bi-directional flow of information, compared to the old push model of information delivery.
In short, we were moving from a pull model to a push model, a move that has completely disrupted and transformed the information and knowledge ecosystem.
Conceptual model from figure 4 represents push model that is used by SAX API.
Likewise, retailer profits require taking advantage of this push model with more than 50 extra profit centers.
Dennison Degregor, worldwide CRM executive at HP, notes that CRM has evolved from a push model into a customer engagement model in which peers manage their relationships with other peers - and through that model have assumed control in terms of comparing products and pricing.
Notable new SCA4 core features include lightweight components, profiles, static ports, push model registration, intra-application connectivity and Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) neutrality as depicted in Figure 2.
Whatever the successful ad model turns out to be, the messaging will have to be authentic and humble, and built on the principle of two-way conversation -- not a push model -- that adds value to the consumer," the report said.
Private cable operators, municipalities, master-planned communities, multiple-dwelling units (or MDUs), public utility districts, cooperatives and hotels are all potential clients due to the technical advantages of IPTV with its "pull" model (or one channel at a time), versus a push model (all channels sent at once), of cable and satellite, and triple play features.