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(computer science)
To add an item to a stack.
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To put something onto a stack or pdl.

Opposite: "pop".


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push technology

Transmitting data from an internal network or a cloud-based service to the user's computer or mobile device. Notifications for a wide variety of events such as stock quotes and Facebook posts are pushed in real time. In contrast, email is typically pushed when users open their mail program. Application updates may be automatically pushed when the app is opened or only when requested by the user.

Push Is Automatic - Pull Requires a Request
Contrast push with "pull" technology, in which the user initiates a request for the data each time. Retrieving a Web page is an example of the pull model.

PointCast Was the First
In the mid-1990s, PointCast was the first Internet product to become popular for pushing selected news and stock quotes into a user's computer (see PointCast). See real time, BackWeb and Active Channel.

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"An attempt was made to pull the pensioner away from the cash point but she managed to push off her attacker who left empty-handed.
In order to simplify the analysis the data was grouped: the first three (swim in, swim out and turn) characteristics are referred as temporal characteristics of the flip turn, other five (rotation, contact, stabilization, push off and gliding) are referred as temporal characteristics of flip turn phases and the last ones (tuck index and feet depth) are referred as kinematic characteristics of flip turn.
I went to push off and run and felt a click and that was it.
A microcontroller determines when the foot is ready to push off, actuating the release of the stored energy from the heel spring to a spring in the so[re of the foot.
In the UK, we declare the day before the weekend, namely Friday, as POETS day meaning Push Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday.
It simply is a push off from the wall, keeping the body as straight as an arrow and gliding through the water.
Within the space of a few seconds the swimmer must (apart from swimming-in and swimming-out from the wall) make a rotation around the transverse axis, push off the wall and turn the body around the longitudinal axis during the impulse and first meters of the gliding phase.
The lightweight, one-piece device features Ice Diamond[TM] carbide spikes for more push off and lateral grip.
It is more about whether he can land on his ankle or push off from it
Solution: Push off with your arms and legs fully extended, keeping your arms next to your ears.
Over-pronators push off to the inside of the big toe; under-pronators push off to the outside of it; people without gait problems push off through the big toe.
DJ Sonique was heard telling a pal that Rebecca, 28, should "just go home" while Christine Hamilton fumed: "She tried to plonk herself between me and Neil but I told her to push off. I don't want my picture taken with her.