push plate

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push plate, finger plate, hand plate

A plate applied to the lock stile of a door to protect it against soiling and wear.
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The LPR-36 can be hard-wired--activated through its push plate, which mounts directly on any flat wall surface--or configured for wireless operation.
Supply of six garbage trucks with a push plate for collecting, compacting and transporting waste to the three-axle chassis
1: The supply of six (6) garbage trucks with a push plate for collecting, compacting and transporting waste to the three-axle chassis,- Lot No.
Subject of the contract is delivery of two garbage trucks with a push plate for collecting, compacting and transportation of waste, namely: one 2-axle vehicles on compressed natural gas, and a 3-axle vehicle.
Subject of the contract is to supply two garbage trucks to collect, compress and transport of waste to the triaxial chassis through one of the push plate and one with a rotating drum for collection of biowaste and device for washing dishes.
Luckily for them, they usually "lift" smaller things, such as cameras, phones, socks (oooh, how they love socks--one of each pair), and sometimes they decide to push plates off the edge of a cupboard when someone opens it.
This really isn't a disadvantage in most newspaper environments; we normally push plates through the process and start runs shortly after imaging plates.
The dBlue acoustic drainage pipe systems diminishes flowing water sounds within guest rooms to the minimum while Sanit's light-sensor push plates within the bathroom facilitates interior designers with lighting effects.
Typical uses include the aforementioned plus work spaces, table tops, sinks, faucets, hand rails, grab bars, arid push plates.
For customization, accessories and attachments include hitches, tow bars, strobe, motion beeper and push plates.
Copper-containing items, including door push plates, door pull handles, tap handles, toilet flush lever handles, patient over-bed tables, dressing trolleys, socket switches and light pull cord toggles were found to have significantly fewer microorganisms on their surfaces than the controls, and vancomycin-resistant enterococci, meticillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus and coliform bacteria were recovered less frequently from these.
Silver-Based Antimicrobial Treated Products for Healthcare Facilities Category Product Built In or Coated Equipment Touch Screens Built in Furniture Armrests Both Furniture Desks Both Hardware Door Handles Coated Hardware Door Push Plates Coated Hardware Light Switches Both Hardware Faucets Coated Hardware Hand Railings Both Surfaces Countertops Both Textiles Upholstery Built in Textiles Carpet Built in Textiles Patient Gowns Built in Water Filtration Water Hoses and Tubing Fittings Built in