push plate

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push plate, finger plate, hand plate

A plate applied to the lock stile of a door to protect it against soiling and wear.
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The LPR-36 can be hard-wired--activated through its push plate, which mounts directly on any flat wall surface--or configured for wireless operation.
cn) is the largest manufacturer and supplier of sandwich plates and push plates in the world.
Copper-containing items, including door push plates, door pull handles, tap handles, toilet flush lever handles, patient over-bed tables, dressing trolleys, socket switches and light pull cord toggles were found to have significantly fewer microorganisms on their surfaces than the controls, and vancomycin-resistant enterococci, meticillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus and coliform bacteria were recovered less frequently from these.
His Handle Hygiene invention fits anti-microbial silicone sleeves over existing door handles, or push plates.
If this motion persisted for long enough, it could set up a giant current of circulation that would push plates of crust apart in front, and suck them down into the mantle in back.
Michels suggests that copper, brass or bronze doorknobs and handles, push plates, countertops, sinks and other frequently touched hardware may help cut down on cross-contamination and the spread of infection.
While on holiday, talking to a man from Scotland, who had been in hospital for an operation, he told me the door handles and push plates were sprayed with a disinfectant twice a day and no-one touched him in bed except they were wearing rubber gloves.
Prof Keevil said, 'Our results strongly indicate that use of the copper metals in such applications as door knobs, push plates, fittings, fixtures and work surfaces would considerably mitigate MRSA in hospitals and reduce the risk of cross-contamination between staff and patients in critical care areas.
She has won the commission to sculpt hundreds of bronze door handles and push plates that will adorn the dozens of glass doors at the entrance.
Increased production of the mid-oceanic ridges would also act to push plates away from the ridges at faster rates.
There is a little hole in the glass wall through which Gordon Ramsay can push plates of food and bellow at waiters.
push plates, knobs, handles, drawer pulls), bed trays, bed rails, railings, IV stands, medical monitoring equipment, remote controls and keyboards, faucets, sinks, soap dispensers, countertops and other work surfaces are identified as the most critical to sanitize on a regular basis.