push plate

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push plate, finger plate, hand plate

A plate applied to the lock stile of a door to protect it against soiling and wear.
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The LPR-36 can be hard-wired--activated through its push plate, which mounts directly on any flat wall surface--or configured for wireless operation.
plates, or push plates. Kick and mop plates are placed near the base of the
To the left of the manually operated tilt-and-telescoping steering column are push plates for operating the power lift gate (standard in SX) and deactivating lane assist or traction control if so desired.
Luckily for them, they usually "lift" smaller things, such as cameras, phones, socks (oooh, how they love socks--one of each pair), and sometimes they decide to push plates off the edge of a cupboard when someone opens it.
This really isn't a disadvantage in most newspaper environments; we normally push plates through the process and start runs shortly after imaging plates.