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variant of PhutPhut
, in the Bible, son of Ham and eponym of an African people. It may also be a region, possibly Punt or Libya, and is perhaps the same as Pul (2.) It also appears as Put.
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the name of certain administrative units, under the jurisdiction of court officials serving the Russian princes. They existed from the 14th to the first half of the 16th century.

The puti supplied the court with various products. There were puti administered by the master of the stables (in charge of the prince’s horses, herds, and pastures), the hunt master (hunting), the falconer (falconry), the master of the table (fishing, orchards, and vegetable gardens), and the master of the cup (beekeeping). These officials, also known as putnye boyars, supervised servants living in the villages of the puti: falconers, gyr-falconers, beaver hunters, wild-hive beekeepers, vegetable and fruit gardeners, and so forth.

The Russian puti are comparable to the Mongol darugi, called dorogi in Russian sources. Although the puti were abolished about the middle of the 16th century, the term was occasionally used until the 17th century.


(computer science)
A programming instruction that causes data to be written from computer storage into a file.


Athletics a throw or cast, esp in putting the shot


In programming, a request to store the current record in an output file. Contrast with get.
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Instead, Pakistan has put across a strong message that it is fully resolved to continue the struggle till complete elimination of the menace of terrorism and extremism.
"It's up to us to go out on Saturday, put across his ideas and hopefully we can get the win."
Considering the fact that Salman is a powerful star, most in Bollywood have avoided speaking against him, and it was left to his father Salim Khan to put across a sort of aplogy.
Marshall is the main link between Young, Gabbidon and players, ensuring everybody understands the information being put across and know what they have to do.
I think it's very important that both sides of the debate are put across. It's completely divided my family but I've made up my mind and I'm voting No."
A PENSIONER is fuming after a new parking scheme led to a bay being put across her driveway.
The shift is attributable in large part to an increase in videoconfer-encing--where likeability is more important but also more difficult to put across than in person--and to social networking, which employers track to measure how users spread information and influence change.
"We believe that some councillors and officers have already made up their minds that the homes should close, but we are determined to put across a different point of view."
Reports said that Singh put across his views when responding to Pakistan interior minister Rehman Malik's reiteration of a pending invitation, saying that he is answerable to the Indian public on the delay in bringing the 26/11 guilty to justice.
AS Nick Clegg and his party put their message across at the Birmingham Conference, the public are about to put across theirs:"Nick Clegg come in, your time is up!" The coalition is now into its second year and we can see the price the Tories and Labour paid for failing to win the last election.
The Racing Post has kindly given me the opportunity, while I'm out through injury, to air my views publicly and to put across my thoughts and opinions on various racing matters.