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variant of PhutPhut
, in the Bible, son of Ham and eponym of an African people. It may also be a region, possibly Punt or Libya, and is perhaps the same as Pul (2.) It also appears as Put.
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the name of certain administrative units, under the jurisdiction of court officials serving the Russian princes. They existed from the 14th to the first half of the 16th century.

The puti supplied the court with various products. There were puti administered by the master of the stables (in charge of the prince’s horses, herds, and pastures), the hunt master (hunting), the falconer (falconry), the master of the table (fishing, orchards, and vegetable gardens), and the master of the cup (beekeeping). These officials, also known as putnye boyars, supervised servants living in the villages of the puti: falconers, gyr-falconers, beaver hunters, wild-hive beekeepers, vegetable and fruit gardeners, and so forth.

The Russian puti are comparable to the Mongol darugi, called dorogi in Russian sources. Although the puti were abolished about the middle of the 16th century, the term was occasionally used until the 17th century.


(computer science)
A programming instruction that causes data to be written from computer storage into a file.


Athletics a throw or cast, esp in putting the shot


In programming, a request to store the current record in an output file. Contrast with get.
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When taking the whole property into consideration, renters said they would be put off by a dirty house the most, with bad smells and evidence of damp coming in second and third.
Water vendors in Maralal town joined the residents in trying to put off the fierce fire using two water booster trucks.
The ministry said it will collect more opinions before making a decision over whether to put off the policy at the end of this month.
Minister of Labor Lin Mei-chu added that the authorities would only agree to put off the mandatory day off in exceptional circumstances.
More than a third of American women (37%) report that they or a member of their family put off medical treatment in the past year because of cost, compared with less than a quarter of U.
Such extra expenses can also put off potential cyclists - but worse is the conditioning of young people, curbing their sense of adventure and freedom, making them frightened of danger, instead of just being aware of it.
Elmo Caday, the church's caretaker, told reporters he desperately tried but failed to put off the fire, which also engulfed the church before spreading and consuming two nearby houses.
Get in touch For the committee to suggest the earlier decision to put off maintenance was "appropriate" because of budget cuts is patently nonsense.
A court decision has put off the end for Sprint s WiMax network, which was slated to close on Friday after a rocky seven-year history.
Painting a room was the most common job to put off, according to a poll.
At the end of the fire, which was hardly put off by workers and fire brigade teams, a great deal property damage occurred.
Twenty-two percent of the survey participants said they have put off treatment for what they believed to be a serious condition in the past 12 months.