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a violent and sudden uprising; political revolt, esp a coup d'état



an adventuristic attempt by a small group of conspirators to carry out a coup d’etat (for instance, the Kapp Putsch of 1920).

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Particularly his GT Road march and huge mass mobilization had unnerved the putschists.
The genocidal criminal Omar al-Bashir and his Islamism claiming entourage will remain held responsible for the heinous crimes they perpetrated in the rights of the Sudanese people over the 27 lean years of oppressive putschist regime.
Eighth: The options of the putschists on the democratic path and of the opponents of the Islamist current appear limited and difficult.
3) Ending the political role of the military and its putschist tradition/proclivity.
Nothing New for the Executions outside the law for prisoners of war (POWs) during the totalitarian putschist regime of the (NCP) led by the genocidal criminal and fugitive from international justice ,Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir.
This is why it dealt with Morsi's election as an opportunity that cannot be missed to hold on to power, just like all the putschists who come to power by force.
The Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM) in Sudan from the cloak of which created the NIF, the National Congress Party (NCP), the Popular Congress Party (PCP) and before them the former Islamic Charter Front (ICF) is a totalitarian putschist organization par excellence.
There's fit as a Fidel Eddie Ramos, ex-president, who, even in his 80s, always looks combat-ready to defend the republic from any macho putschist.
We ask Allah Almighty to strengthen our resolve we Sudanese , young and old men and women to line up with this end of the Ramadan month and the coming up of the Eid al-Fitr to work together to liberate our homeland of the ruling regime, the putschist elements of so-called National Salvation Revolution.
The putschist traitors, of the military, the judiciary, the police, the media and others, are mistaken if they think these repressive measures could kill the revolution or weaken its selfless patriotic men and women.
The group condemned "the stubbornness of the putschist interior ministry" that denied the students the opportunity to take their exams, and accused university administrations of being "involved" in making the required paperwork difficult.
RAM members felt neglected after the coup failed, but they received help from a fellow putschist, retired Marine Maj.