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eights-on-pylon (pylon eights)

eights-on-pylon (pylon eights)
A maneuver involving flying the aircraft in a circular path alternately left and right in the form of a figure 8 around two selected points, or pylons on the ground. The distance from the pylons is not uniform. Instead, the aircraft is flown at such an altitude and air speed that a line parallel to its lateral axis and extending from the pilot's eye appears to pivot on each of the pylons. Also called eights-around-pylons and around-pylons-eights.
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There are around 20 pylons and if one is sold for at least BD200,000, we are talking about BD4m in total," he said.
This weekend, work will start to bring down the tower crane on the north pylon, nearest to Widnes.
The man came down at around midnight and following the incident, a police spokesperson said: "The man who had climbed up the pylon is now down safely and has been taken to hospital to be checked over.
The pylons had already been damaged by the activists on Friday before they were blown up on Saturday night, according to these reports.
In the North-West Maria is just as frustrated and worried by the pylons planned as close as 50 metres from her home in Ballaghadereen, Co Roscommon.
ReThink Pylons has come up with an alternative plan that costs just a 10th of Eirgrid's [euro]3billion project.
The teams of National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) reached the site and started repairing of damaged electricity pylons.
The designs for the new pylons were decided as part of an international competition organised by the Department of Energy &Climate Change, Royal Institute of British Architects and National Grid.
NYSE: SPR) said it has rolled out the first flight test pylon for the Mitsubishi regional jet aircraft.
Insulated Cross-arms, manufactured and sold by university spin-out company Arago Technology, have been installed on pylons in remote areas of the UK to test resistance to extreme weather and are also being tested for eventual use with 400,000V systems at a coastal site in Scotland.
A 400,000-volt power line carried by 50-metre high pylons will then link the hub to the National Grid in Shropshire.