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(o-dihydroxybenzene), a dihydric phenol; a colorless crystalline solid with a phenol odor. Melting point, 104°C; boiling point, 246°C. Darkens rapidly upon exposure to air; soluble in water, alcohol, and ether.

Pyrocatechol fuses with phthalic anhydride to yield the dyes alizarin and hystazarin. It is alkylated by isobutylene to tert-butylpyrocatechol, an effective inhibitor of free radical processes. Pyrocatechol is used as a photographic developer.

Pyrocatechol is found in the molecules of many native aromatic compounds (for example, tannins), from which it was first obtained by dry distillation. It is a source material in the preparation of adrenalin; the monomethyl ether of pyrocatechol is called guaiacol. Pyrocatechol is commercially prepared by alkaline fusion of o-chlorophenol or o-phenolsulfonic acid.

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Allergic contact dermatitis has been reported and four allergenic compounds have been characterized as pyrocatechol derivatives, but not fully identified, from different extracts of this plant and from L.
Pyro, named after the photographic chemical pyrocatechol, first flew as a kitten tucked into the jacket of New Brighton-bred Mr Bird as he carried out top secret spying missions for the government over enemy territory.
On nearly all his flights,Bob had tucked inside his flying jacket,Pyro the ginger cat, named after the developing fluid pyrocatechol. One of Bob's favourite inventions was the Flying Jeep.
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