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(1) A firewall brand name from Cisco. See Cisco PIX.

(2) (Photographic Information EXchange) A website of the U.S. Department of Energy that contains pictures related to energy efficiency and the research work of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. For more information, visit www.nrel.gov/data/pix.

(3) Slang for "pictures" (pics).

pixis, pix

A shrine to contain the host or consecrated wafer. (See illustration p. 734.)
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6) This unstable positioning of jurors is apparent in Howes's record of the 1611 pyx trial and provides the context in which an ambivalent attitude toward goldsmiths is represented.
The short space of time between James's attendance at the ceremonial opening of the pyx and the ordering of changes in law suggest that the king's proclamation was particularly "for redresse" of his findings at the mint.
I put myself in his line, but after my reverential bow, I saw no pyx in his bowl.
Series PYX controllers come in 1/16-, 1/8-and 1/4-DIN sizes with little or no overshoot on start-up.
But Goldsmith's did relate the tale of how, a few years ago, it was noticed that there was one coin less after the trial than had arrived in the Pyx boxes from Wales.
Early Trials of the Pyx took place in Westminster Hall and later in the Exchequer, but Elizabeth I later decreed that the Goldsmith's Company should be given responsibility for assessing the coinage, although the lavishly-appointed Goldsmith's Hall in the city's Foster Lane has only been the official venue for the event since 1870.
The PYX series comes in 1/16-DIN size with autotuning and universal input, and costs about the same as standard PID autotune controllers.
Astronomers used the Hubble telescope to observe the light emitted by the close double-star system T Pyxidis, or T Pyx, a recurring nova, during its latest outburst in April 2011.