kal’a, qala’a

An Arabic fortress or stronghold built on a hill.
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In May 2007 Citadel Capital (now called Qala'a Holdings), a private Egyptian equity firm with investments in energy and cement, sold its shares in EFC to Abraj Capital of the UAE in a deal which valued EFC at $1.
Qala'a Holdings is a financial consulting company with EGP 435m in paid capital and EGP 336m in contributions.
Fat'hi Al Qala'a , Judge of the First Instance Court of Ras Al Khaimah dismissed the Arab teen's claims in court and released him after a warning, asking parents to discipline their children.
Yesterday, the ministry's trucks transported fish to Al Khoud market in Wilayat Seeb of Muscat governorate, market of Wilayat Bahla and Al Marda market of Wilayat Semayil and Qala'a Al Awamir bin Wilayat Izki in Al Dakhiliya governorate, and the market of Wilayat Shinas in north Al Bathina.
The campaign cost under BD3,000 for all 11 villages, which include Abu Saiba, Maqaba, Shakura, Al Hajar, Al Qadam, Al Maqsha, Hillat Al Abd Al Saleh, Karrana, Al Qala'a, Jid Al Haj and Janusan.
The festival, organised by Friends of Jordan Festivals (FJF), will continue until September 10 at the Citadel in Jabal Al Qala'a.
He pointed out that the accused is wanted for his involvement in many criminal offenses, including the murder of two people from Qala'a Suker during the former regime, pointing out that the defendant was referred to the judiciary.
The judges, Fathi bin Al Hadi Al Qala'a, Al Shazli bin Mabrouk Fares, Ibrahim bin Farah bin Farah and Mohammed Al Obeidli bin Saleh, took the oath of office at the Emiri Court on Wednesday.
It has also provided support for the recovery of the remains of 34 people in Al Qala'a, in the Nafusa mountains.
Summary: The Mayor of Amman, Engineer Omar Maani, reaffirmed that the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) would not expropriate any lands in Jabal Al Qala'a neighborhood, and that none of the houses in the vicinity would be removed or demolished.
Je citerai notre visite Ea Jabal Al Qala'a et le thE[umlaut]Eotre romain Ea Amman; les sites de Jerash, Ajloun, Um Qais, PE[umlaut]tra, Wadi Rum ainsi que les villages aux environs d'Irbid tels que Wadi Al-Arab, Al-Aghwar, Al-HammahC* etc.
Meantime, militant-affiliated websites also reported that Abu Hassan Jabha the commander of Al-Nusra in al-Robat region and two other commanders of the terrorist group, Abu al-Nour Qala'a and Abu Aliman Jarjanaz, were killed in the artillery and air attacks in Northeastern Hama.