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see staff treestaff tree,
common name for some temperate members of the Celastraceae, a family of trees and shrubs (many of them climbing forms), widely distributed except in polar regions.
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In fact, Salah said he has written "a number of letters and reports detailing violations committed by farmers growing qat and drilling illegal wells in the reserve, but none of the relevant authorities have stepped in.
Qat, a plant-based stimulant, grows in Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Yemen.
But five to 10 years from now they will have to decide: chew qat or give water to their children," Schlutter said.
Curiously, it is legal to bring qat into the United Kingdom and other European countries where its use is increasing even among people not of Middle Eastern or African extraction.
The PEF will hold 14th EVS- QAT and 11th NSP- QAT on 11 January, to Jan 17, 2016.
For some, he says, it has even become an alternative to qat, a narcotic stimulant consumed daily by roughly 85 per cent of Yemeni adults.
The border patrols in Jizan were able to arrest 245 foreigners from various nationalities trying to enter the kingdom illegally, 17 smugglers, 8,309 kilograms of qat, 160 kilograms of fireworks, 147 sheep, five cars, a motorcycle and other items," the police said, quoted by local daily Okaz on Tuesday.
The foundation has thus far organized 15 weddings without qat in three separate governorates, and run awareness campaigns in several boys and girls schools.
QAT,") have agreed to extend the outside closing date of MIBI's acquisition of QAT to June 30, 2013.
Qat Ban in Mukalla, Hadhramaut For some times now, there has been an increased drive to ban the trading of qat.
Summary: Jazan, Jumada II 8, 1432, May 11, 2011, SPA -- The patrols of the Border Guards in Jazan Region foiled last month several attempts to smuggle 93033 items of ammunition, 91 weapons, 277 narcotic pills, 263164 kilograms of Qat, 807 kilograms of Hashish and 79 bottles of wine.
Yemen Women Union (YWU) is to launch on Tuesday a project to support women and youth and combat unemployment, Qat and environmental pollution.