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kiblah, keblah, qibla

In Islam, the required orientation of the prayer niche, toward Mecca.
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Professor Dr Qibla Ayaz, Chairman Islamic Ideological Council and Prof.
'I am not saying the Senate did not approve a law as per the teachings of Islam but the CII will deliberate over the recommendations proposed by the senate committee about it,' Dr Qibla replied.
Qibla Ayaz said that we must not encourage underage marriages as they come with a lot of very serious issues for the married couple, their families and society at large.
Qibla Ayaz quoted Islamic scholar Mufti Mohammad Shafi as saying the marriage of underage person should not be encouraged but insisted that laws did not restrain child marriages, so instead of making laws, public awareness should be created to address the issue.
Talking about the natural beauties, Dr Qibla Ayaz said that not only citizens, the villages had also lost their natural beauties.
Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the rallies, Zarif said the Holy Quds belongs to Muslims and the Palestinian nation, and "no one has the right to cede the Qibla of Muslims to Americans and the Zionist regime of Israel or make any other move that would damage the Palestinian nation's cause."
Qibla Ayaz said that the CII has received lunar calendar from the science ministry and research department of the council working on the matter.
Qibla Ayaz also addressed the ceremony and said that presence of young bulge in Pakistan is a matter of pride for us.
"To ridicule an accused in front of media before being proven guilty is against humanity," Qibla Ayaz said and added manacling an accused before being proven guilty is contrary to Islamic jurisprudence.
Qibla Ayaz spoke on the intellectual and technical aspects of Quranic verses and their relevance to present time.
Chairman Dr Qibla Ayaz, Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), elaborated the journey of Paigham e Pakistan and told that it commenced with a muster of religious scholars at IRI in program on reconstruction of Pakistani society where a decree was announced against terrorism.
The two-day meeting of CII concluded in Islamabad during which the chairman CII Qibla Ayaz said that they have proposed the Hajj subsidy to the government.