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kiblah, keblah, qibla

In Islam, the required orientation of the prayer niche, toward Mecca.
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Dr Qibla Ayaz asked students to adopt the positive characteristics of the globalisation and retain the rest of their own historical values.
Dr Qibla Ayaz was appointed as CII chairman on November 4, 2017, after the retirement of his predecessor Muhammad Sherani on the completion of his three-year tenure.
Dr Qibla Ayaz was appointed the chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), Pakistan's top Islamic advisory body, in November 2017.
Qibla Ayaz of CII told that the council intends to hold an international conference in October this year in which muslims in nonmuslim majority areas are facing a lot of problems and difficulties and to solve them through dialogue.
The First Qibla marks the direction to which Muslims turn in prayer, whereas the Third Holy Mosque is Al Aqsa on Temple Mount.
He reiterated that Trump must understand that the holy city of Quds as the first qibla of Muslims across the world will forever belong to the Palestinians.
He said such a move is going to provoke Muslims around the world because of the status of Jerusalem for Muslims as the location of Al- Aqsa Mosque, the Muslim's first Qibla.
He also hailed the Kingdom's all forms of care being attached to pilgrims, enabling them to perform their rituals with all comfort and reassurance, stressing that this is the right approach of the Kingdom throughout the ages, where it remained and still remains the Qibla of pilgrimage for Muslims from different parts of the world.
Google, a global technology leader, has launched the Qibla Finder, a new web service which helps users find the right direction of the Qibla using augmented reality.
Google has launched a new web service to help users find the right direction of the Qibla, the direction that should be faced when a Muslim prays, using augmented reality.
Google announced on Sunday the Qibla Finder, a new web service which helps users find the right direction of the Qibla using augmented reality.
The app has prayer times with Azan feature, a Qibla compass with the distance displayed, a Ramadan calendar, Ramadan Duas (prayers) and the Asmaul Husna or 99 Names of Allah.