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Brit, Austral, and NZ informal a doctor; physician or surgeon
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What does it mean when you dream about a quack?

A denigrating word for an incompetent doctor, or the sound that a duck makes, especially if the dreamer is looking forward with anticipation to the duck hunting season.

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In the last visit of the Punjab Healthcare Commission team to district some months back, more than 300 quacks clinics were sealed and fine was imposed on them.
The PHC teams also sealed 21 quacks' clinics in district Jhang.
Victim's brother alleged quack doctor that he had used expired injection due to which his brother died.
Dr Khan said the quack treated the girl and claimed that he had fixed the fractured bone after dressing her arm.
The officer mentioned that during the police investigation it surfaced that Dr Meeran, a postgraduate trainee of Allied Hospital, had submitted a false affidavit to protect the quack surgeon.
Upon seeing the quack treating patients, the health department team inquired about the clinic's legal status, but the quack could not respond satisfactorily.
The DC said that the quack would be punished according the new health law and media should highlight to all quacks to protect the life of citizen.
JHELUM -- The local administration of Jhelum has launched operation against quacks who are putting human life at risk.
KARACHI -- Sindh government has decided to conduct a province-wide crackdown on quacks and illegal clinics.
The quack brothers administered injection to the girl due to which her condition deteriorated and she breathed her last within no time.
The new location in Spanish Fork is evidence of Quick Quack's recent growth including both new construction and acquisitions in western states including California, Texas, Colorado, and Utah.
IT has been bad news for quacks ever since Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP) has come to power in Delhi.