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Brit, Austral, and NZ informal a doctor; physician or surgeon

What does it mean when you dream about a quack?

A denigrating word for an incompetent doctor, or the sound that a duck makes, especially if the dreamer is looking forward with anticipation to the duck hunting season.

References in classic literature ?
She calculated his capacity as she would a jug's, and filled him up every day with quack cure-alls.
This foreign nobleman of yours is dying to try his quack remedies (mesmerism included) on my patient, and a nurse who is brought here by his wife may be a little too willing to help him.
you infernal French Quack, you call it death, do you?
He had sold the skeleton to a traveling quack for three dollars and was enjoying the result!
LAHORE -- Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) during a drive against quacks has inspected scores of clinics in city and closed down 26 more clinics and shops running by quacks and initiated further proceedings against them.
LAHORE -- The Punjab Healthcare Commission has closed down businesses of 26 quacks in the city, and initiated further proceedings against them.
13 quacks were posing as general physicians, which included by the name of Riaz Clinic, Iqbal Clinic, Ali Clinic, Hafsa Clinic, Asghar Clinic, Sher-e-Rabbani Clinic, Fauji Clinic and Medical Store, Ghazanfar Clinic, Ajmal Clinic, Lasani Clinic, Tauseef Clinic, Al-Shifa Clinic and Ali Children Clinic.
Deputy Commissioner Saleha Saeed directed the drugs inspector and health officers to show zero tolerance to the quacks playing havoc with human lives.
LAHORE -- Punjab Healthcare Commission has sealed30fake treatment centres of quacks in the city, and initiated further proceedings against them.
During the last two days, the PHC teams had sealed 30 businesses which included 18 general quacks, four each homoeopaths and medical stores, two fake dentists, and one each hakeem and bone-setter.
Actually, quacks are playing with the lives of people.
a crackdown against quacks operating in different areas and apprehended