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quad bike

, quad
a vehicle like a motorcycle with four large wheels, designed for agricultural, sporting, and other off-road uses


A series of four separately insulated conductors, generally twisted together in pairs.
A series-parallel combination of transistors; used to obtain increased reliability through double redundancy, because the failure of one transistor will not disable the entire circuit.
(graphic arts)
One of the small pieces of metal used in typesetting to space or to fill out a line of characters; used mostly to fill space when indenting the first line and to fill out the last line of type.
A unit of heat energy, equal to 1015British thermal units, or approximately 1.055 × 1018 joules.


On drawings, abbr. for quadrangle.

quadrangle, quad

1. A rectangular courtyard or grassy area enclosed by buildings or a building. Most often used in connection with academic or civic building groupings.
2.Buildings forming a quadrangle.


The rectangle or box glyph used in the APL language for various arcane purposes mostly related to I/O.
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There are many parents who are happy to spend pounds 1,000 on a quad bike for their children and don't bother to spend pounds 20 on a safety helmet.
Their report, called Urban Cowboys, reported that 79 per cent of quad victims brought into the Mater Hospital, had not been wearing helmets.
However, Shimadzu has been able to pick up business through the coupling of its HPLC with Applied Biosystems' single quad, while Agilent's HPLCs are often paired with Thermo Finnigan's single quad MS instruments.
If you want individual cameras monitored, then a looping quad gives you the most flexibility.
Intel has unleashed the quad-core Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor into the hands of consumers who now won't have to be limited by the demands of performance-hungry applications," says Greg Pearson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Group and President, Intel Americas, Inc.
Bear Mountain: 195 acres; 2 surface lifts, 7 chair lifts, 2 quad chairs.
AMD's Quad FX platform delivers the kind of horsepower that enthusiasts crave.
With AMD64 technology and Dual Socket Direct Connect Architecture, the new AMD Quad FX Platform offers scaleable performance enhancements on a personal workstation powered by AMD Athlon 64 FX processors.
To see the new OMEN Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad Core, go to: http://resource.
two or three times a week to get the quads from their desert Kern County home to the Santa Monica set in time for 7:30 a.
Born 12 weeks prematurely, each of the nonidentical quads weighed less than three pounds.
Although most of the couple's attention is focused on the quads and 3-year-old Ethan, Martin said they've also learned these past four months to carve out some time for each other and their marriage.