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1. Geometry a plane figure consisting of four points connected by four lines. In a complete quadrangle, six lines connect all pairs of points
2. a rectangular courtyard, esp one having buildings on all four sides
3. the building surrounding such a courtyard


A rectangular courtyard or grassy area enclosed by buildings, most often used in conjunction with academic or civic building groupings.


(civil engineering)
A four-cornered, four-sided courtyard, usually surrounded by buildings.
The buildings surrounding such a courtyard.
A four-cornered, four-sided building.
A four-sided tract of land, defined by parallels of latitude and meridians of longitude, used as an area unit in systematic mapping.
A geometric figure bounded by four straight-line segments called sides, each of which intersects each of two adjacent sides in points called vertices, but fails to intersect the opposite sides. Also known as quadrilateral.

quadrangle, quad

1. A rectangular courtyard or grassy area enclosed by buildings or a building. Most often used in connection with academic or civic building groupings.
2.Buildings forming a quadrangle.
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Historically there has been a lot of geochemical sampling in the quadrangle, but none of it systematic over large areas.
18 (Series of 2010) abolishing the Office of the North Luzon Quadrangle Area attached to the Office of the President.
Sherman & Sterling LLP renewed its 36,000 s/f lease on the 4th floor at 2 Huntington Quadrangle in Melville, NY and was represented by Ray Ruiz and Kyle Crennan of Jones Lang LaSalle;
With the city mayor promising to stay in City Hall until the Court of Appeals decides on the petition for certiorari, Binays supporters vowed to also spend their nights at the quadrangle.
Bournville Junior pupils meet with elderly residents at the Quadrangle Centre.
The International Falls quadrangle, immediately to the east, covers the area between 48 and 49 [degrees] north latitude and between 92 and 94 [degrees] west longitude.
HFF) announced today that it has closed the sale of and arranged financing for Quadrangle, a four-building office park totaling 264,410 square feet in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
The We're Group, a Long Island-based developer and owner, has preleased over 93 percent of 300 Jericho Quadrangle to multiple tenants.
Additionally, the company said it is registering the Quadrangle Capital Partners LP and affiliated entities' (Quadrangle Funds) shares under the registration rights agreed to in the shareholders agreement between the Quadrangle Funds and the company and Quadrangle Funds have informed it that they do not intend to sell the shares being registered at present.
Comcast Corp (NASDAQ:CMCSA) and private equity firm Quadrangle Group hold minority stakes in Bresnan, which has more than 320,000 customers in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and Utah.