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1. Geometry a plane figure consisting of four points connected by four lines. In a complete quadrangle, six lines connect all pairs of points
2. a rectangular courtyard, esp one having buildings on all four sides
3. the building surrounding such a courtyard
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A rectangular courtyard or grassy area enclosed by buildings, most often used in conjunction with academic or civic building groupings.
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(civil engineering)
A four-cornered, four-sided courtyard, usually surrounded by buildings.
The buildings surrounding such a courtyard.
A four-cornered, four-sided building.
A four-sided tract of land, defined by parallels of latitude and meridians of longitude, used as an area unit in systematic mapping.
A geometric figure bounded by four straight-line segments called sides, each of which intersects each of two adjacent sides in points called vertices, but fails to intersect the opposite sides. Also known as quadrilateral.
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quadrangle, quad

1. A rectangular courtyard or grassy area enclosed by buildings or a building. Most often used in connection with academic or civic building groupings.
2.Buildings forming a quadrangle.
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The Quadrangular series comprises four teams - India A, India B, South Africa A and Australia A.
Sagaies were subdivided by cross-section: quadrangular, semiquadrangular --oval-quadrangular--, round, oval, plano-convex --semi-circular--, triangular, flat, and centrally flattened.
Dean Hoskins' free-kick and a Graham Wilson tap-in made it three games unbeaten in the Quadrangular Tournament only for Northern Ireland to win the title on goal difference.
"For me, the Quadrangular Series was fantastic - we played very convincingly and as a team we performed really well.
The quadrangular contest besides being unprecedented, promises to throw up interesting results.
By employing finite-difference and time-domain (FDTD) algorithm, the absorptive spectrum of the quadrangular frustum pyramid array working in visible regime was calculated, as shown in Figure 2.Ascan be seen, the average absorptivity of the quadrangular frustum pyramid array in the whole visible waveband reaches as high as 0.98 and has surpassed those solar energy absorbers reported before [1-15].
It is no accident that Bauclevin's photographic reproductions of certain album covers echo the paintings: While photos mounted on aluminum, they repeat the paintings' quadrangular format and, above all, their formal motifs.
Alasdair Strokosch's converted try at the death saw the Scots snatch an unlikely 30-29 win over Italy in the quadrangular series third-place play-off match in Pretoria yesterday, but the performance was not a patch on the one produced in last weekend's 30-17 loss to South Africa.
SAMOA v SCOTLAND Sky Sports 2, 1.15pm SOUTH AFRICA v ITALY Sky Sports 3, 4.15pm THE Castle Lager Incoming Series is the awkward name given to a quadrangular series starting today in Durban, writes Graham Woods.
O'Connell was a four-time all-star, a five-time Marlboro Early Bird champion, a three-time Afton Quadrangular champion and a two-time Peru Wrestling Classic champion.
TWO brothers from Pontypridd will spearhead the Welsh effort in the under-16s quadrangular golf event to be hosted at Southerndown Golf Club at the end of the month.