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1. Geometry a plane figure consisting of four points connected by four lines. In a complete quadrangle, six lines connect all pairs of points
2. a rectangular courtyard, esp one having buildings on all four sides
3. the building surrounding such a courtyard


A rectangular courtyard or grassy area enclosed by buildings, most often used in conjunction with academic or civic building groupings.


(civil engineering)
A four-cornered, four-sided courtyard, usually surrounded by buildings.
The buildings surrounding such a courtyard.
A four-cornered, four-sided building.
A four-sided tract of land, defined by parallels of latitude and meridians of longitude, used as an area unit in systematic mapping.
A geometric figure bounded by four straight-line segments called sides, each of which intersects each of two adjacent sides in points called vertices, but fails to intersect the opposite sides. Also known as quadrilateral.

quadrangle, quad

1. A rectangular courtyard or grassy area enclosed by buildings or a building. Most often used in connection with academic or civic building groupings.
2.Buildings forming a quadrangle.
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The selectors will be busy in the next few weeks as history shows they invariably make changes in the squad after having scrutinised the talent available to them in the quadrangular tournament.
40) Quadrangular Tournament (1 day) Belfast: Scotland v Holland (10.
They play Ireland today at Lydney (4pm) and will be defending their remarkable record of never losing a game in the quadrangular tournament since its inception in 1999.
THE Youth bounced back from the disappointment of losing their first match of the quadrangular tournament, 25-15 to Italy U-18s, by beating an older and bigger Spain at Coimbra yesterday.
Richie is a big loss," said manager Kerr as he prepared for tonight's second match of the quadrangular qualifying tournament with Poland.
Waqar welcomed Akhtar's inclusion and said the controversial speedster would be used in short spells during the June 15-24 quadrangular one-day tournament.
00 unless stated) Third Test Match (day 2 of 5) (S) Kandy: Sri Lanka v Bangladesh Quadrangular Tournament (1 day) Dublin: Scotland v West Indies (10.
And form is on their side having won by 15 shots in the British Junior International Quadrangular event earlier this year.
NO FEWER than five of the 16 players chosen to represent Wales in the British Isles quadrangular under-25 series in Ballymoney in two weeks' time have qualified for the quarter-finals of the Welsh under-25 singles championship.
ENGLAND paceman Darren Gough claimed a hat-trick as Yorkshire lost by 56 runs against Western Province in the Quadrangular Final at Newlands.
The 34-year old controversial fast bowler has been included in the list of 35-probables for the upcoming Asia Cup and the subsequent England tour and is likely to make it to the final squad for the quadrangular one-day tournament which would be played in Sri Lanka from June 15-24.
BADMINTON: Kirsty Gilmour (Bothwell) beat Ruth Roddis of Ireland 21-10 21-12 to win the girls singles final at the Bank of Scotland Home Countries Under-15 Quadrangular at Scotstoun in Glasgow.